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Reduce cart abandonment with automated web push notifications to turn lost sales into purchases.

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Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand


Baymard Institute found that the average rate of online shopping cart abandonment is 69%. For every $1000 dollars you make, you are losing out on $2300 in abandoned carts!

Abandoned at Checkout

Shopify found that, on average, only 35% of visitors who view your products add them to their cart.

When you look into the visitors who actually checkout, the number gets even smaller— only 1.7%. Can you bring back these shoppers to complete their purchases?

With a smart web push notification cart recovery strategy, you can.

Reduce cart abandonment and recover sales

With automated Abandoned Cart Reminders, you can bring back your shoppers to complete purchases. This powerful remarketing feature sends timely reminders with enticing offers created by you to successfully recover abandoned carts.

Cart Reminder Sequence

Our cart recovery feature sends a sequence of upto 3 reminders. Each is crafted differently to elicit urgency and bring back the shopper to complete checkout.

Smart Delays

Change the time intervals to maximize your reach. Reminders can be sent 5 minutes after abandonment or even after 48 hours.

Customizable Copy

Customize the message shown to the subscriber to make it more compelling. You can even promise discounts or free shipping to ensure higher recovery rate.

How it works


When a user leaves an item in their cart, they are added to the Abandoned Cart Reminder queue.

First Reminder

The first reminder is sent to the user 20 minutes (by default) after abandonment.

Second Reminder

If they don’t checkout, a second reminder is sent 1 hour after abandonment.

Third Reminder

If the customer still hasn’t completed the purchase, they receive the final reminder 24 hours after abandonment.

Successful Purchase

This sequence of reminders re-engages the shopper and entice them to finish their purchase.

Automated Recovery

Once set up, your cart recovery sequence runs on its own, targeting every abandoned cart into successful sales.

With smart automation, you get more time to analyse the conversions and optimize the reminders to increase your success rate.

Dynamic Hero Images

The hero image within each Abandoned Cart Reminder notification is dynamically generated based on the products left in the subscriber’s cart, aiding recall.

The subscribers will see the image of the first product which was added to their cart.

Powered with Analytics

Pick up detailed insights about the carts recovered, revenue generated, how the abandoned cart reminders performed, and the carts that are still in queue.

Keep track of the recovery and optimize your strategy with ease.

Why Use PushOwl

Multi-device responsive

Web push notifications are sent to the device that the shopper has subscribed from. They are responsive for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Maximum Visibility

Unlike inboxes, web push notifications are delivered straight to the subscriber’s screen. This makes them highly visible and easy to consume.

Send Promotions at Peak Hours

Smart Delivery is a feature that ensures your push notification is sent to the subscriber during their active hours. More customer engagement, guaranteed.

Off-site communication

Easily bring back visitors to your store by sending targeted promotions even after they’ve left, maximizing your site traffic!

Top Hacks to Reduce Cart Abandonment

Stop losing 69% of your sales. Start recovering abandoned carts with PushOwl today!