Send timely Back-in-Stock alerts

Never lose shoppers to zero inventory at a point by setting up back in stock alerts. Sending automated web push notifications to bring back interested shoppers.

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Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand

$634.1 bn

Out-of-stocks account for $634 billion retail sales being lost.

Increase your revenue with back in stock web push notifications

We’ve all found products we loved but then found them out of stock. But, we don’t go back to the store again to keep checking if it’s back. Then why expect your shoppers to do it?

With automated back in stock web push notifications, you can notify shoppers when their favourite products are back. Drive more conversions with timely engagement!

Convert interested shoppers lost to low inventory

Automate Back in Stock Alerts and bring back shoppers who were interested in purchasing a product that was out of stock. Never let running out of stock on popular products disappoint your shoppers!

Catchy Widgets

Set up opt-in widgets like the Flyout Widget, add custom buttons or integrate with other Shopify apps to allow shoppers to subscribe with ease.

Customizable Copy

Customize the web push message with smart copy tactics and based on your brand voice.  Experiment with the copy to make your alerts convert better.

Dynamic Hero Images

The hero image within the Back in Stock Alert is dynamically generated. Subscribers will be shown the image of the product they wanted to purchase, aiding recall. 

How it works


The shopper subscribes to be alerted about an out-of-stock product. They are added to the PushOwl waitlist.

Alert Sent

When the product is back in stock, the shopper receives an automated notification informing them about the change.

Successful Purchase

The shopper goes back to the store and successfully purchases the product they had their eye on.

Completed Journey

When the shopper completes the purchase, they are added to the completed list of back-in-stock subscribers.

Automated Back-in-Stock Alerts

Once set up, your back in stock web push notification campaign runs on its own.

PushOwl divides these subscribers into ‘waitlist’ and ‘completed’. It closely tracks how they engage with the web push notifications, to keep the two lists up-to-date for high campaign relevancy.  

Integrate with Now Back in Stock app

Integrate PushOwl with Now Back in Stock to allow shoppers to subscribe to updates in multiple ways— SMS, web push notification and even email. Ensure that the non-availability of stock doesn’t affect your profits in the long run.

Real-time Shopify Analytics

View a detailed report on shoppers who have subscribed to back in stock web push notifications. 

Keep a close watch on those who’re still on the waitlist and those that complete a purchase after clicking on your automated notification.

Identify your popular products, optimize inventory and your promotional campaigns to generate more revenue. 

Why Use PushOwl

Multi-device responsive

Web push notifications are sent to the device that the shopper has subscribed from. They are responsive for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Maximum Visibility

Unlike inboxes, web push notifications are delivered straight to the subscriber’s screen. This makes them highly visible and easy to consume.

Send Promotions at Peak Hours

Smart Delivery is a feature that ensures your push notification is sent to the subscriber during their active hours. More customer engagement, guaranteed.

Off-site communication

Easily bring back visitors to your store by sending targeted promotions even after they’ve left, maximizing your site traffic!

Get started with Shopify web push notifications

Don’t lose shopper interest with low inventory. Win them back with PushOwl back in stock alerts.