Sell faster this BFCM 2020

With so much to get done during Black Friday Cyber Monday, it’s tough to keep your to-do list straight. Follow this BFCM toolkit for an easy checklist that lets you focus on the more important things for your Shopify store this sale season.


Before the sale

1. Pick your offers

The first step to setting up your Black Friday sale is to pick the offer you want to entice shoppers with. You can use one or a combination of them to attract deal-hunters.


Set up discounts storewide and show shoppers the price reduction to make it more appealing.

HACK: Set up discount coupons of 30% or even 60%, and clearly label the coupons with “BFCM”.


Offer a buy one get one deal to  shoppers. Let them see how they can get more for less during the BFCM sale.

HACK: Specify the conditions for BOGO, categorize the products that fall under this offer.

Free shipping

Entice international shoppers by providing free shipping for orders above a certain dollar value.

HACK: Use the announcement bar to specify what amount a shopper needs to buy for to avail free shipping.

2. Amplify your offer

Grab shopper attention well before the sale and create hype around your big discounts. Use communication channels to promote your deals and bring visitors to your store so they can subscribe to your updates.

Send web push notifications

Send a sequence of catchy web push messages reminding subscribers about your upcoming sale. You can highlight products, give a sneak peak into your discounts, and more!

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Announcement bar

Make your discounts the first thing your shopper sees with an announcement bar.

HACK: Use the copy to inform the 3 most important things: how much the offer is, how long it'll last, and what the code is.

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Pre-launch page

Highlight your big sale by setting up a page previewing your discounts and letting shoppers subscribe to updates.

HACK: Give shoppers a sneak peak of your products and the slashed prices on them.

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Email marketing

Your past customers are a goldmine! Set up an email campaign to let them know about your BFCM sale, the upcoming discounts or the product ranges that will see a price drop.

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Run acquisition ads

Run awareness ads with highly specific keywords to get the attention of shoppers looking for BFCM deals on products. Creating a buzz is crucial to ensure you attract more shoppers during the sale.

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Allow loyalty customers to cash in

Offer 2x points for any purchase, review, or action taken by the customer during your BFCM sale. This incentive makes customers come back to shop more.

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Your mobile shoppers need more than a standard popup to convert them into subscribers. Set up a Welcome Popup using Recart and turn BFCM visitors into Messenger subscribers.

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Turn exit-intent into an opportunity

Don’t let visitors leave without letting them know about your upcoming sale. Set up an exit-intent pop-up to tell visitors about your BFCM discounts and capture their email address.

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3. Enhance store feel

Make it easier for visitors to get around your store and navigate to your top products on BFCM discounts, without getting lost.

Put your sale on display

Change your header image to showcase your sale and the discount(s) available. Use the buttons within the header to take shoppers to different parts of your store.

For instance, set up the 2 buttons to take shoppers to men’s or women’s collections.

Put your bestsellers first

The products you display on your storefront can make your shoppers stay for longer. Showcase your bestsellers or premium products on your front page.

Add a button at the end of the section to get shoppers to browse other products.

Make product pages impressive

Don’t lose your shopper with a messy layout. Unclutter your product page.

- Add clear and detailed product images.
- Set a format for your product description by adding bulleted specifications, and a short description.
- Ensure taxes are added to the product price to avoid abandoned carts.
- Lastly, keep the “Add to Cart” button above the page fold.

Get work done faster

Outsource smaller, manual work to Shopify experts at Storetasker and focus on more important tasks during this BFCM season.

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Send instant time-sensitive promotions with web push and bring back your shoppers for BFCM.


When the sale is live

1. Provide positive shopping experience

Your shoppers are restless. They need quicker responses and swifter checkouts or they’re leaving your store for your competitor’s. Provide a seamless store experience and fun activities that keep them engaged.

Allow guest checkout

Make check out a breeze for your shoppers. Allow guest checkout so that your shoppers don’t have to go through the long process of creating an account. This way, you convert them faster as customers.

HACK: Post-purchase, you can nudge them to make an account on your store.

Round the clock customer support

Assign your customer support executives at different time slots and ensure that even late night shoppers are responded to immediately. This way, you won’t miss out on customers worldwide.

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Increase delight by gamifying popups

Make your BFCM discounts a little more exciting. Set up fun ways for shoppers to win  discounts with games like spin the wheel, reel of coupons and more on the email popup.

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Convert more at the thank you page

Make customers stay longer even after making a purchase. Customize your thank you page by adding product upsells, recommendations, time-sensitive discounts and the ability to share purchases on social media. Reconvert your customers to get more sales!

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Drive retention with tailored receipts & shipping notifications.

Keep your BFCM shoppers coming back with offers in your most-opened emails - including personalized product recommendations, next-order discounts, referrals, and more. Plus, set up conditional discounts to recover your most-valuable carts.

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2. Turn new sale visitors into lifelong subscribers

BFCM sale shoppers are mostly price-sensitive. You’ll not see most of them even visiting your store when the prices are not slashed. So, when they do, use this opportunity to turn them into subscribers.

Facebook Messenger

Tap into the 1.3 billion users that live on Facebook Messenger and nudge BFCM shoppers to subscribe to your store via Messenger.

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Web push subscribers

Display an additional discount within your push widgets or let visitors know that they can receive year-round deals if they subscribe to web push notifications.

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SEnd sms promotions

Grab the attention of your visitors with an enticing offer and convert them into SMS subscribers using a subscription form. Then send them a personalized welcome text to secure the sale.

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3. Remind shoppers

Cart abandonment is inevitable. But, when it’s sale season, your abandoned carts double in number. Use these remarketing channels to successfully remind and bring back those discount seekers to their cart.

Browser abandonment emails

Don’t forget the visitors who abandoned products while browsing! Set up browser abandonment emails that prompt shoppers back to the products they were looking at.

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Abandoned cart push reminders

Let your shoppers know about their abandoned cart without collecting their personal details. Set up a sequence of 3 reminder notifications and mention the big discounts that are soon to expire.

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Facebook Messenger reminder

Easily capture your cart abandoners by setting up a sequence of abandoned cart Facebook Messenger reminders. Don’t forget to allow shoppers to snooze the reminder!

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Retargeting and remarketing ads

Grab your shoppers’ attention by promoting your deals in the most common areas online. Run remarketing search ads, reminding them about a page they left mid-browse or a product they left in their cart.

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Just as the sale comes to a close

1. Be on top of your operations

You might want to take a backseat as your BFCM sale comes to a close but you still have a few crucial actions to take before you can call it a day.

Ship orders

Ensure your BFCM shoppers get their orders as soon as possible, even if it means paying a little extra to your fulfillment partner.

HACK: Enhance order experience with BFCM-themed packaging or by adding a surprise card or gift within the order.

Restock inventory

Take a minute to quickly restock your inventory to avoid losing out on customers looking to buy a specific product only to find that it is out of stock.

HACK: Set up Shopify Flow to receive alerts about low stock so you don’t have to spend time looking through your inventory manually.

2. Wrap up your sale

Understanding how your sale performed and making the most of the customers you gathered during BFCM may be low priority but both are great ways to maximize your store performance for future sales.


Understand product sales and customer behavior

Use this time to take stock of your performance. Understand where your shoppers came from, who they are, what they like and which products got sold the most or abandoned too often.

Set up easy and understandable data reports for your Shopify store using your Google Analytics with Littledata.

Install Littledata to understand how your store performs →

Grab reviews from BFCM shoppers

Your BFCM shoppers are a goldmine of good reviews, if you’ve played your cards right! Use an app that lets you request reviews from your shoppers and even nudges them to upload a picture of your product.

User-generated content all the way!

Install Loox to collect reviews from BFCM shoppers →

Identify gaps in your customer retention

Use the end of your BFCM sale to understand how your customers shop and how well you retain shoppers. Use the retention scoresheet to identify the areas where you're losing out on customer lifetime value.

User-generated content all the way!

Save the LoyaltyLion retention scoresheet→

3. Make BFCM pages evergreen

Lastly, once you’ve had a day or two to put your feet up, it’s important you don’t let deal hunters searching for sales to land on a defunct BFCM page. If you had set up a BFCM page to capture subscribers and leads before the sale, convert it into a page to display ongoing deals and discounts.

Show all live discounts

Show all your available discounts on the BFCM page. You can keep updating it on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure discount seekers don’t miss out.

HACK: Set up a fun section within the page showing every discount available.

Add a sign-up form

It’s important that you don’t lose out on these visitors and have some information from them to ensure you can bring them back with an email or SMS.

HACK: Set up an embedded sign up form using Shopify’s available features or set up an exit intent just on this page, asking shoppers to sign up for deals.

Take them back to the storefront

Make the deal hunters stay longer by adding an action after the list of discounts you have displayed.

HACK: Add a CTA at the end of the page directing them back to the store to redeem the deals available on your store.

Send sale promotions and hype your big discounts by using web push notifications.