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Best Practices for Push Notification Length  -  2018 edition

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Oct 31, 2018

How long can your push notifications be? Check out this guide to ensure you don't send half-baked notifications. (2018 version)

As you might have seen already, web push notifications are incredibly easy to implement and they’re quite effective at getting results. But one question that comes up quite frequently is “Why is my push notification title and (or) message not being displayed completely?”

So here’s are a few recommendations for ensuring your push notifications are of the optimal length for getting your message across.

Overview of recommended character limits:

Let’s look at these platforms/browsers in a bit more detail.



Title supports a maximum of ~55 characters before the text gets truncated. Furthermore, the message length varies depending on the title length and whether a hero image is added to the notification.


Title shows ~55 characters without truncation, while the message can show ~200 characters.

Note: Firefox does not support hero images


The optimal title length for Android is ~50 characters. But the message length varies depending on whether the notification contains a hero image.


All browsers on Mac have the same character limits for the title and message. The title shows ~25 characters while the message shows ~28 characters.

Important: The width of the individual characters will also affect how much of the notification is visible before it gets truncated.


Chrome offers the best experience for web push notifications, due to higher character limits and support for hero images. And more often than not, you will end up creating notifications which will look great on Chrome, but they won’t be as effective on other platforms / browsers.

So, ensure that you design your notifications keeping the restrictions of Mac and Firefox in mind. This will ensure that your message gets across a clear and precise manner.


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