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Push Marketing for Shopify Stores: Star Spangled Push Notifications

| posted on
Nov 3, 2018

Notifications to light up your Independence Day campaigns

After a busy Father’s Day weekend, you might be feeling the creative fatigue of coming up with yet another dazzling marketing campaign for your brand so soon. We’re here to help, back with yet another update to our on going series of inspiration for push notifications (and graphics giveaways!)

Beer, barbecue and fireworks…that’s what most folks think of on 4th of July. That, and showing off their stars and stripes. So don’t miss out on your chance to boost your July sales this year! Without further ado, here’s what you came here looking for:

As always, we have a couple of options if you are looking to use the graphics above. Either download the image bundle if you want to use them without any editing, or download the PSD file and customize them for your brand with some edits.

I might be a couple of weeks early, but Happy Birthday America! Here’s to you!


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