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Turn your campaign performance data into more revenue. Use eCommerce analytics to optimize your web push notification campaigns to increase Shopify sales.

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Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand

126x ROI

Companies that use data to optimize their web push notifications see higher conversions and sales

Make Analytics Accessible

Your analytics is full of untapped sales opportunities.

By turning data into knowledge, you can do more with your Shopify store, understand customer behavior, adapt your marketing strategy, and effectively increase revenue.

Powerful Analytics with PushOwl Reporting

Make your push marketing campaigns stronger with PushOwl reports. Access your marketing data and use it to test and optimize your campaigns for higher conversions

Push Marketing Overview

Get a high-level understanding of how your push marketing is performing, from the number of subscribers you receive every day to the campaigns you’ve sent out and the total revenue made through web push notifications.

Cart Recovery Performance

See how your cart recovery strategies are performing. 

Track the number of clicks your abandoned cart reminders. Identify the revenue being generated through them with ease! 

The PushOwl dashboard provides store owners with a detailed look into cart abandoners. 

Right from those who are still in the waitlist to those who have completed the purchase on receiving reminders, stay up-to-date on every little activity.

Subscriber Analytics 

See where your subscribers are coming from and the devices they’re making use of. Understand their shopping and engagement preferences to create smart segments. 

Make use of these segments and behavioral data to create target campaigns to increase Shopify sales.

Performance Analytics

Get a detailed report about each campaign you send out, including impressions, clicks, and the revenue it generated. 

See how your subscribers interacted with different hero images, call to action links and more.
Improve your campaign performance by understanding subscriber preferences.

Turn Data into Revenue

Use your web push performance reports to turn customer intent into revenue. 

Analyze your customer’s click behavior to change your call to actions and increase click-through rates on campaigns. Understand which products perform better within your push campaigns and leverage this information to send out promotions around them.
Turn your shopper’s behavior and campaign performance into more revenue.

Why Use PushOwl

Multi-device responsive

Web push notifications are sent to the device that the shopper has subscribed from. They are responsive for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Maximum Visibility

Unlike inboxes, web push notifications are delivered straight to the subscriber’s screen. This makes them highly visible and easy to consume.

Send Promotions at Peak Hours

Smart Delivery is a feature that ensures your push notification is sent to the subscriber during their active hours. More customer engagement, guaranteed.

Off-site communication

Easily bring back visitors to your store by sending targeted promotions even after they’ve left, maximizing your site traffic!

Web Push Notifications For Higher Sales

Get more sales and revenue from your web push notifications with PushOwl reporting.