Engage your customers with real-time order updates 

Update your customers about order shipments with timely sent web push notifications. 

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Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand


Transactional messages have 8x more opens and clicks than any other type of messages and can generate 6x more revenue.

Cash in on transactional promotions 

Set up activity-based promotions like shipping notifications to provide a positive customer experience with highly relevant promotions. Ditch the generic messages to increase conversions!

Boost Customer Engagement with Real-Time Shipping Updates

Always keep your customers in the loop with automated Shipping Notifications, informing them about their order. These automated notifications ensure you keep the customers engaged, bringing them back to your store for repeat purchases.

Customized Copy

Change the copy within the automated shipping notification to match your brand’s tone of voice.

Personalized Updates

Add placeholders to personalize the notification for each of your customers, increasing message relevancy.

Allow Order Tracking

Make it easier for your shoppers to track their orders. Include a button within the notification to take them to the orders page.

How it works

Order Placed

When a shopper places an order, they are added to the waitlist to be sent a shipping notification.

Order Fulfilled

Once the order is marked fulfilled, the notification is automatically triggered to go out.

Notification Sent

The shipping notification is sent to the subscriber based on the copy set by you.

Customer Tracks Order

You can provide tracking within the notification to allow the customer to track the order’s status easily.

Automated Shipping Updates

Once set up, your automated shipping notifications will run on their own. Once the order is shipped out, the notification is automatically sent to the customer.

You can add personalization features like “Order Name” to help the customer identify the purchase and make your notification highly relevant to them.

Add buttons that take the customers to their orders page on your site for ease of tracking.

No-spam alerts  

Never worry about spamming your customers! 
Your customer receives a shipping notification only when an update is due, ensuring that they aren’t bombarded with incessant messages.

Keep your customer in the loop without badgering them!

Why Use PushOwl

Multi-device responsive

Web push notifications are sent to the device that the shopper has subscribed from. They are responsive for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Maximum Visibility

Unlike inboxes, web push notifications are delivered straight to the subscriber’s screen. This makes them highly visible and easy to consume.

Send Promotions at Peak Hours

Smart Delivery is a feature that ensures your push notification is sent to the subscriber during their active hours. More customer engagement, guaranteed.

Off-site communication

Easily bring back visitors to your store by sending targeted promotions even after they’ve left, maximizing your site traffic!

Get started with Shopify web push notifications

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