Smarter Marketing with Shopify Web Push Notifications

Reach shoppers on both desktop and mobile with web push notifications and turn them into customers, instantly!

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Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand
Leesa mattress, US brand


According to MailChimp, 84.34% of ecommerce emails go unread. But with web push, it’s hard for shoppers to miss your message!

Are your promotions getting lost?

As inboxes clutter up, an email about your latest product or your flash sale is sure to get missed. Or worse, land in the spam folder!

Web push notifications is one marketing channel that is direct and highly visible. It delivers your promotional message straight to the shopper’s screen - be it on desktop or mobile.

Higher visibility, higher clicks and definitely more sales!

Web Push Notifications — Low Effort, High ROI

Automated Abandoned Cart Reminders, shipping notifications, flash sale promotions and more bring your shoppers back to your store to complete purchases. Web push notifications reach your shoppers in a timely manner with enticing offers, to increase conversions. 

Turn visitors into shoppers

On average, only 2.86% of eCommerce website visits convert into a purchase. With web push notification, you can offer shoppers an easy one-click way to subscribe to updates.

Personalized messaging

Customize the time intervals to maximize your reach. Reminders can be sent 5 minutes after abandonment or even after 48 hours, based on your preferences.

Set up automations

Set up automated notifications for abandoned cart reminders, in-stock updates, price drop alerts, and more. Send behaviour-based promotions and witness higher ROI.

How it works

Visitor into

Turn visitors into subscribers by requesting permission to send promotions while they are browsing your store.


Send highly relevant promotions and automated messages to the subscriber, bringing them back to the store.

Successfully Purchased

These promotions are sure to nudge subscribers to come back to your store and even make a purchase.

Updated About
New Offers

Keep your customers updated about your offers in real-time, ensuring your flash sales and product launches get higher clicks.

Turns into Repeat Customer

With frequent promotions and activity-based messages, turn subscribers into loyal customers.

Cart Recovery

69% of carts get abandoned on an average. It’s one of the biggest pain points for online stores! 

By setting up an automated abandoned cart reminder sequence, you can remind visitors of what they’ve left behind, offer them exclusive discounts, and bring them back to complete purchases faster. 

Decrease cart abandonment with web push

Smart Automations

Besides cart recovery, web push notifications can be used to set up behavior-based promotions that are sent to shoppers when triggered.

Allow shoppers to subscribe to stock updates, and price drop alerts, send them welcome notifications when they first subscribe and even set up workflows on Shopify Flow to send highly-targeted messages.

Hero Images

Content with compelling images receives 94% more views than ones without pictures. Increase your click-through rates by including beautiful hero images in your web push notifications.

You can make your push notifications more responsive by designing hero images that are optimized for both desktop and mobile.

Powered with Analytics

Get detailed insights on how your campaigns are performing, including click-through rates and the revenue each promotion generates. 

Understand your subscriber growth, the kind of devices your subscribers use, and other insights to uncover market opportunities. 

Optimize your web push campaigns to increase conversions and sales.

Supercharge Push Marketing with Integrations

Integrate PushOwl with your favorite Shopify apps to send promotional messages about reviews, wishlists and more!

Shopify Flow

Set up highly specific workflows that send push notifications to customers based on the criteria set by you.

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Now Back in Stock

Send back in stock updates to your subscribers by integrating the Now Back in Stock app with PushOwl.

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Trigger notifications based on customer behavior and nudge them to buy while they are on your store.

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Gather reviews from customers by sending them a review request reminder using web push notifications.

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Send wishlist updates to subscribers and bring them back to turn wishlisted items into purchases.

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Plobal Apps

Send push notifications through your Progressive Web App, reaching store users straight to your web app.

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Why Use PushOwl

Multi-device responsive

Web push notifications are sent to the device that the shopper has subscribed from. They are responsive for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Maximum Visibility

Unlike inboxes, web push notifications are delivered straight to the subscriber’s screen. This makes them highly visible and easy to consume.

Send Promotions at Peak Hours

Smart Delivery is a feature that ensures your push notification is sent to the subscriber during their active hours. More customer engagement, guaranteed.

Off-site communication

Easily bring back visitors to your store by sending targeted promotions even after they’ve left, maximizing your site traffic!

Marketing with Web Push Notifications

Increase your Shopify sales with web push notifications, starting today!