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PushOwl brings real-time, personalised notifications straight to your customers' devices.
With timely alerts and custom notifications, you can drive engagement, and significantly boost revenue for your Shopify store.

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before PushOwl, we faced major roadblocks with different service providers all throughout.But PushOwl has truly been a game-changer.The service was super easy to build and the profit we madefrom it is mind-blowing.It has been such a hit among our customers and in just 8-12 weeks, our revenue blew up to 30 times. If you're looking Web Push Notification service,PushOwl is the way to go!
Boomers Forever Young
PushOwl is an easy-to-use app that let our business generate 4-digit revenue in only two months with very little effort. The customer service staff responds quickly and efficiently. The $20/month package is a no-brainer since it only took us one transaction to make up the expense.
I use this app to deliver all of my notifications to browsers. It is super easy to use and set up. I have brought in over $200,000 of revenue by using this app since I started using it consistently a year ago. Customer Service is extremely helpful as well.
Boomers Forever Young
First app I will install on every build from now on, one of the best untapped marketing methods online onto make 50k extra revenue in the first month using this, im a dev, its not buggy, it causes no delay & just works.
Start Fitness
We have been using PushOwl for several months and have seen a great subscription rate. It was very simple to install and set up the automation. We consistently see several hundred dollars in revenue with each push notification (Clothing Ecommerce). We currently have over 5k subscribers. Highly recommended as it is not too invasive as a form of marketing and cheaper than many SMS platforms.
Liam & Company
We use PushOwl and it's like a cash register.. every campaign we send, results in extra sales, so it's really a no-brainer. You really can't go wrong with it.
Aromantic UK
Simple to install. Simple to use. Our last PushOwl post brought in over $1000 USD of sales. This is the easiest one-click marketing in the world. The customer service is hands-down, the best. Responsive, helpful and fast.
Wicked Good Perfume
Simple to install. Simple to use. Our last PushOwl post brought in over $1000 USD of sales. This is the easiest one-click marketing in the world. The customer service is hands-down, the best. Responsive, helpful and fast.
Wicked Good Perfume
An amazing new avenue to reach customers in a non-intrusive way. This app helped us generate $3K in sales in 5 days.
A Man & His Cave
Very easy to use, excellent support service and speed and, most importantly, has become an established part of our marketing strategy - especially during Black Friday when it accounted for 6% of our total sales. Looking forward to using this app further.
Boomers Forever Young
Made $2,691.11 in 1st 7 push campaigns, and spent less than 2 hours to implement! Now, that's a great ROI!!!!
Shop Skinnygirl
I honestly wasn't expecting a lot from the app, just some better customer connection at best but, no joke, on a free plan I've generated over 77k in revenue. GET THIS APP!!!!!!
Vice City Breaks
Been with PushOwl for 3 years and their app brought in $40k of revenue without planning any campaigns. Just sporadically sending a message when we have something new to show. Support is legendary as well!
Funky Moose Records
Stellar app, support, and results! I started using PushOwl just before our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in 2020, and let a couple ecommerce friends know to stop what they were doing and install it immediately... You can start growing your list moments after installing it, and the automations are highly successful in converting abandoned carts and browse abandonment. We also send general marketing campaigns with it with very solid results. The monthly cost is nothing versus the revenue this app helps us generate. Highly recommended!
Lowbrow Customs
This review is after 6 mos or more of using this app. We have generated 10xs the revenue. It's going so well we had to upgrade to Enterprise.This app gets the subscribers attention, one click and they are shopping your site.
PushOwl is THE push notifications app you need to be using. It's in a league of its own, and I've seen 2,000%+ ROI from their app!
Boomers Forever Young
Love this app and I'm getting a KILLER ROI on it! I'd highly recommend using this app, in fact I've installed it on all 3 of my stores!
The Spinsterz
We had installed PushOwl on our site 6 months ago to begin collecting consent, which I recommend every merchant does as it will take some time to build up the list large enough to begin using. We then started sending out Push notification campaigns 2-3 months into using the service and have seen amazing ROI! I highly recommend using this very reasonably priced app/service to engage with your audience in a new channel that is still mostly under-utilized by other players.
Literally, one of the best apps, I have ever added. Huge value, low cost, fast to use. We saw a 5% increase in sales using them for a time investment of about 5-10 minutes a day with an intern.
product features

Built to drive growth for Shopify stores

Create and launch campaigns in minutes

Craft compelling campaigns with our easy-to-use campaign editor, complete with an AI assistant to create the most effective successful ads for your push notifications.

Every inch of your notification can be fully customised to your taste.


Segment and speak to the right audience

Segment your audience based on their behaviour to craft highly specific audience segments, and deliver notifications in line with what they would be most interested in.

Take it one step further with notifications in their preferred language.


Convert on autopilot with automation

Automate sequence of notifications to welcome visitors, nurture shoppers, promote sales and even recommend products to keep converting visitors into customers.

Build a lasting impression on your visitors.


Reclaim lost sales from abandoned carts

Reduce abandoned carts with cart reminder sequences with highly personalised copy that can be strategically delivered to persuade them to check out.

Create a recovery strategy that works every time.


Keep learning,
keep growing

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers' behaviour through our comprehensive reports. Utilise these insights to refine your campaign strategy, and focus on the most effective campaigns with high conversions


Deliver impactful experiences
to your customers

Comprehensive Browser and Device Support

Seamless opt-in across multiple platforms for widespread user engagement

Enhanced Subscriber and Data Management

Multilingual notifications and robust subscriber data management for global reach

Proven Success with High Ratings and Reviews

Reach customers on various platforms, backed by positive user feedback

Advanced Automation and Personalization

Customize notifications through integrations with other Shopify apps for tailored campaigns

Dedicated and Responsive Support

Instant, reliable assistance throughout your push notification implementation & management

“A lot of times we're using web push notifications to notify customers of a new video, a new article, or something they would get value from. It really helps supercharge our marketing and increase views of posts and videos which leads to conversions, product sales, and all that stuff downstream.”
Tyler Malinky,

CEO and Founder, Lowbrow Customs

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We always encourage our clients to use PushOwl and even upgrade to higher plans because of the tremendous growth it provides in such a short span of time.
Abdullah Abid

Assistant Manager Digital Marketing at Shopistan

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Not all apps on the Shopify ecosystem are as easy and fast to integrate like it was with PushOwl. Web push notifications are one of the most useful marketing tools for us. It has a big impact on our brand’s growth.
Fatima Lerdo De Tejada

Head of Growth at Scalpers

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