Sell MORE with your Shopify store!

Turn visitors into revenue with push notifications, by re-engaging customers even after they have left your store.

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Sell More With Automation

Send automatic notifications for abandoned carts, back in stock updates, product recommendations, and more.

Two minutes is all you need

One-click integration with all the major e-commerce providers gives you more time to do stuff that matters.

Beautiful, user-friendly widgets

Beautiful widgets not only keep your brand consistent, but also offer subscription only if assured that visitor will say yes.

Better decisions with data

Advanced reporting & analytics help you choose the right message for the right audience at the right time.

Know Your Audience

Understand where your subscribers are coming from, what their preferences are, what devices they use, what time of day they are most likely to engage with your website, and much more.

Perfect Your Messaging

Send the right message by discovering what the industry trends are, by knowing what the best practices are, by A/B testing messages, what keywords works better than the rest, and so on.

Measure Your Returns

See how your notifications perform with detailed and interactive reports on click-through rates, click maps, direct/indirect revenue generation and unsubscribes.

There's more..

More conversion than emails

Web Push notifications have 10x more chance of being seen and can get you 5x more conversions than e-mail.

Your brand on all notifications

Personalize every notification by adding your brand logo and colors, thereby maintaining better trust with the audience.

Works across platforms and devices

Reach your audience anywhere and everywhere on multiple browsers, devices and platforms.

No app, no problem

Start reaching out to your audience with notifications on their phones without ever building a mobile app.

What People Say..

As a webshop owner I always try to be in front of everyone else when it comes new marketing methods, and PushOwl is a brilliant tool for pushing sales and retaining customers.

It's simple, fast and easy to use. I recommend others to try using PushOwl and discover the benefits from that tiny but awesome tool.

Bjarke Petersen,

Thanks to Push Owl we can now contact all of our customers immediately while they are using our website. The implementation takes less than 5 minutes and provides more value than we ever imagined. If you want to stay in touch with your customers while they are on your site then look no further than PushOwl.

Aaron Pantoja, DUUL