The No.1 Push Notification App for Shopify Plus Stores

Integrate with PushOwl and bring real-time, personalised notifications straight to your customers' device to drive engagement, and significantly boost revenue for your Shopify store. Turn anonymous patrons into loyal customers with PushOwl.

connect your store

Deliver impactful experiences
to your customers

Smooth opt-in

Experience hassle-free engagement with PushOwl's smooth opt-in process

Multilingual support

Make a strong impression with multilingual support in creating notifications

Cross platform delivery

Reach customers anywhere - on multiple browsers, devices, and platforms.

Seamless integrations

Add more customisation through integrations with other Shopify applications.

Top-notch customer support

Get instant support every step of the way with PushOwl.

product features

Convert your visitors into customers on autopilot

Create and launch campaigns in minutes

Craft compelling campaigns with our easy-to-use campaign editor, complete with an AI assistant to create the most effective successful ads for your push notifications.

Every inch of your notification can be fully customised to your taste.


Segment and speak to the right audience

Segment your audience based on their behaviour to craft highly specific audience segments, and deliver notifications in line with what they would be most interested in.

Take it one step further with notifications in their preferred language.


Convert on autopilot with automation

Automate sequence of notifications to welcome visitors, nurture shoppers, promote sales and even recommend products to keep converting visitors into customers.

Build a lasting impression on your visitors.


Reclaim lost sales from abandoned carts

Reduce abandoned carts with cart reminder sequences with highly personalised copy that can be strategically delivered to persuade them to check out.

Create a recovery strategy that works every time.


Automate your revenue growth with the No.1 push notification app

Join 35,000+ Shopify stores using PushOwl to convert their visitors into customers everyday.

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