Welcome to the PushOwl brand guidelines

Welcome to our Brand Identity Guidelines!
This document will instruct you on using our brand identity effectively, ensuring outstanding brand communications. The guidelines are divided into four sections: Logo, Typography, Color, and Components  to form the core framework. Let's excel with consistency!

02 Typography


Two font families are used across our range of communications:

  • Degular for headlines and sub-heads.

  • Aktive Grotesk for body copy and product visuals.

from OH no Type Co.
Aktiv Grotesk
from Dalton Maag.

Type hierarchy

Whenever we write and design copy, please ensure to use the following examples as guidance

Large Headline:
Degular Bold
Grab attention instantly!
Degular Bold
Reinforce the main message while adding supporting details.
Body Copy:
Aktiv Grotesk
This is what body text looks like. Bacon ipsum dolor amet meatloaf pork belly bacon ribeye boudin filet mignon kielbasa. Doner pork loin chicken pork chop, turducken sirloin beef ribs.

03 Color


The core colors are a direct expression of the identity. They hold significant brand value and radiate a vibrant and fresh spirit.

Sunny Lime
Sunny Lime
Sunny Lime


Crafted from our core colors, these gradients should be used to elevate vital information, captivate attention, and command unwavering gazes.

Martini Night
For dark background
Martini Light
For light background


A carefully developed set of gray tones from Dark to Light allowing subtle hierarchy and nuance primarily in digital environments.

Grey 400
Grey 300
Grey 200
Grey 100
Grey 50


These colors should be used sparingly, never as the primary backgrounds or typography. They are intended for:

  • Elevating focal words in headings.

  • Enhancing hyperlinks.

  • Serving as tertiary color in product visuals.

Sunny Lime
Sunny Lime

04 Components


Meet Owly, our cute and versatile friend!

With its adorable appearance, Owly becomes the perfect companion for various situations, donning different looks to suit each occasion. From playful and animated to wise and sophisticated, Owly adds a touch of character and awe to our brand's storytelling.

Illustrative assets

Our thoughtfully curated collection of visual assets adds a touch of magic to our brand.

The design focus on clean geometric forms, ensuring a minimalistic aesthetic with consistent stroke width of 2px.

The art direction is expressive and abstract, creatively conveying the essence of the brand's features.

Icon Repository

A sleek and edgy icon set, characterised by strong geometric shapes. These icons feature a line-based style with angular corners, set at 15° intervals. Embracing a minimalist and quirky nature.

Geometric Attributes

Container with vital information will always have soft rounded corner of 16px.

Other illustrative assets like window box, flowing lines, and connecting lines will also embody soft round corners as suggested in the following visual guide.

05 Composition

Product Visuals

Playful illustrations that showcase the user interface and product's seamless experience in a fun and lively manner.

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