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Meet the Team

We are a bunch of owls coming from various backgrounds bringing together expertise to grow PushOwl bigger and better than what we are today!


Founder & CEO

The team often calls him ‘boss’, just to tick him off. Shashank handles things at the intersection of engineering, design and marketing and support. After being a nerd for his entire life, he is now focussed on picking up life skills. He is often found sleeping on sofas and sleeping bags and claims they are the best places for deep sleep.

Kunal Konde

Head of Customer Relations & Sales

Growing up, Kunal didn't picture a career in sales, but grew up to liking it once he got deeply involved in the product. He enjoys learning first-hand how PushOwl helps users, takes note of their experiences and gets a kick out of converting people into hardcore PushOwl fans. A die-hard fan of Game of Thrones, he even named his pet after the Mother of Dragons. So, you are ever caught in the dilemma of what-to-watch, you now know who you can bother.

Rameez Ahmed

Customer Success Manager

Always goes the extra mile to solve customer's challenges. Other than keeping customers happy, he loves to travel with his trusty camera and is more than eager to talk to you about his “healthy” obsession for desserts.

Adhithya Vijai

Head of Design

Our in-house mimic, Adhithya designs delightful experiences for our merchants. Work aside, he is someone who has a constant battle in his mind about food v/s fitness. He plays sports and likes singing Hindi songs except, never really seems to get the lyrics right.


Content and Social Media Lead

Asiya handles all things content at PushOwl. Her passion to write has been a part of her for as long as she can remember. When she isn't working, Asiya spends time writing about culture, sci-fi, and life.


Backend Lead

Works on the backend, powering the dashboard and ensuring millions of push notifications are sent. He is passionate about books and believes reading expands the "horizons of the mind”. If you want to indulge him in conversation, talk to him about Software Engineering and Philosophy. He loves to dance but only after a couple of drinks.



The designer behind PushOwl's vibrant brand identity. When he wants to take a break from creating positive product designs, he works on customising anything that comes his way. He loves being around happy people as their vibe fuels his creative mind. If Hollywood was ever looking for inspiration to make Little Mr. Sunshine, they should be knocking at his door. He goes by the name of gareebdesigner!

Kushagra Gour

Frontend Lead

Growing up, Kushagra was fascinated by computers. He started building games early on and then got hooked. He is the reason we are able to create smooth user experiences. He spends the rest of his time playing the piano, sketching and working at his brother’s farmhouse. His true happiness seems to come from the zest of creating something new.

Sachi Dalmia

Key Accounts Manager

Sachi ensures that customers find success with PushOwl, helping them unlock their full potential. When she isn't on calls or creating strategy decks, she spends her time cooking and reading. You wouldn't be able to tell but Sachi is the biggest pizza lover, a blip on her otherwise perfect fitness record!


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