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For brands like Protein Package that curate quality products, timely communication about new products is key. Without the right marketing channel for this, they end up losing customers to competitors that were faster.

Protein Package uses PushOwl to send web push campaigns about new products, getting purchases as soon as they launch and boosting search ranking for these newer pages. Using the Business plan, the protein snacks brand has been able to drive 19x ROI on their PushOwl spend.


When George Greenhill, founder of Protein Package, started hitting the gym, he got a taste for healthy snacks and protein bars to maintain his fitness goals. But, the problem was that when buying from the supermarket, these bars were expensive and cost as much as a full meal. The alternative was buying from a wholesale supplier and being stuck with the same flavor for a month.

Protein Package made buying protein bars more affordable and varied. Customers have a pick and mix option. They can select different brands and flavors and enjoy a variation of products from all over the world while not breaking the bank.

Protein Package and PushOwl at a glance

💰 ROI of 19x

📈 2.5K subscribers

🏆 36% of orders placed via web push are from first-time customers


Protein Package frequently launches new products on their website and uses multiple channels, from email to social media, to promote them.

When a new product is launched, especially from a popular brand, there is a rush to get the word out before other competitors. Most traditional marketing channels have quite a few limitations. Due to GDPR, Protein Package can’t leverage SMS for instant communication. With email, it takes 2-3 days to inform customers about the new launch, which isn’t quick enough. However, web push makes the process of creating and pushing out a promotion simpler, reaching customers right on their devices.  

If you want to get information out quickly, web push is the best way. And people are on their phones (and devices) all day so it’s easy to target customers on the go.

George Greenhill
Founder at Protein Package


Consistent branding and timely announcements

📈 4.1% CTR for campaigns

🚀 AOV of 41 GBP for orders placed via web push campaigns

🎉 16.8% increase in AOV for orders placed via web push

Protein Package uses web push to announce new product launches (like their latest grenade bars) and share blog posts, informing their audience about the right products for different fitness goals. The ability to create campaigns quickly helps the brand inform customers about new products, giving them an advantage over competitors.

Protein Package maintains a consistent branding within their campaigns and has a process that simplifies hero image creation. They have pre-set Canva templates with different aspect ratios for different hero image sizes to easily create images for a new campaign. They also have a pre-defined portfolio that helps them maintain a specific style with their visuals

Increasing purchases with automated use cases

🚀 5.5% CTR for abandoned cart reminder

📈 2.6% conversion rate for abandoned cart notifications

Protein Package has set up an abandoned cart recovery sequence on both web push and email. With web push, they have shorter time delays, re-engaging their customer within 10 minutes of abandonment. Being able to set up an automated reminder about their cart just 10 minutes after customers add an item to their cart is super effective in driving back clicks and getting those carts to checkout.

Besides recovering abandoned carts, the protein snacks brand also enables other use cases like review requests. Using the integration, Protein Package has set up a review request to be sent to customers 30 days after purchase, increasing brand recall and bringing them back on the website.

Boosting search ranking through web push campaigns

One of the smartest ways that Protein Package uses web push is to increase search engine ranking for specific pages. If the brand releases a new blog post or a product page, they can send a campaign out within the next 30 minutes. By getting new traffic to that page via a web push promotion, Google's algorithm picks up on the fact that the page is popular and relevant, and starts to rank that page higher for relevant keywords.

This strategy is especially helpful with new product launches since consumers unaware of the brand would also be searching via Google for the product. Leveraging their audience via web push helps Protein Package get that bump up from Google, bringing them organic traffic and purchases.


Web push notifications help Protein Package build on the hype of a new product as soon as the product is launched, reaching customers and driving purchases instantly. The traffic surge through these campaigns also helps them in increasing their search ranking. Protein Package smartly enables automated use cases like review requests, reminding shoppers who purchased in the past to review and restock healthy snacks on their shelves. The brand sees a 19x ROI on their PushOwl spend.

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