Adex360 helps Limelight make 10% of their revenue through web push notification

Use Case
Additional Revenue Channel
Agency-Driven Growth

Agencies are a great supplement for brands, helping them set up the right communication channels and strategies to drive additional revenue effectively. Adex360 works with South Asian brands like Limelight (leading Pakistani fashion brand) to set up a successful web push marketing strategy. 

Through this partnership, Limelight has been able to achieve a 21K+ ROI on their PushOwl spend.

“In South Asia, the penetration of Android is higher. For brands like Limelight, a lot of shoppers are middle-aged women customers for whom quality is very important. The options to purchase such styles (Pakistani and Indian wear) are limited for these shoppers, especially online. Due to this, Limelight’s customer base is highly loyal to them and is eager to receive and engage with their web push notifications.”

Sachi Dalmia, 
Partnerships Manager, PushOwl

About Adex360

Adex360 is a performance marketing agency. It started with Zain Hameed working with Limelight, starting their eCommerce presence, and managing key operations like marketing and supply chain. Over time, the agency started working with more clients, helping them set up their eCommerce and scale their growth successfully.

Limelight and PushOwl at a glance

📈 21Kx ROI

💰 1.5% opt-in rate

🚀 1,053,135 subscribers


While helping Limelight earn more online, Adex360 exhausted all channels, from pushing content on social media to Google ads to even engaging on Snapchat. At the time, web push marketing was new. 

Adex360 found web push notifications as a replacement for email marketing because open rates were dropping consistently. While it used to be 30%, they noticed that email open rates were as low as 3-5%. Limelight's customers, who were primarily women, were using email less and this was affecting their email open rates and incidentally, their ability to convert customers.

“We wanted to send communication to our customers on their digital devices— not SMS because it is expensive and the ROAS is not great. So, we ended up finding web push notifications and seeing great success with it.” 

Zain Hameed,
Founder, Adex360


Success with omnichannel 

📈 5% CTR for campaigns

💰 3049 PKR AOV for campaigns

🛍 6.05% CTR for segmented campaigns

🚀 18.9% CTR for campaigns sent to shoppers who clicked in the last 10-60 days

Adex360 believes in an omnichannel approach when communicating with customers. When Limelight is going on sale or has a new launch, they plan the marketing campaign in a way that ensures that they reach their customers on every channel possible. So, the campaign is sent at the same time via social media, newsletters, and even web push.

Navigating customer journeys with Segmentation 

Once they've sent the campaign, Adex360 uses segmentation to intelligently communicate with customers on different journeys with the store. One segmented campaign is sent only to those who responded to their initial campaign and another is sent as a follow-up to subscribers who didn't engage at all.

With the Segmentation feature, Adex360 finds it easy to identify different customer groups and later create shopping journeys for them. This especially helps in 2 ways. One, it reduced content fatigue, ensuring Limelight's customers aren't shown the same content repeatedly and keeping a positive experience for them. 

More importantly, Segmentation allows the brand to maximize the ROAS on impressions. By targeting only specific customers who they know are likely to engage and buy, they make the most of every impression and get higher engagement. 

Web push— a key piece of omnichannel remarketing

🚀 8.7% CTR for abandoned cart reminders

🛍 AOV of 3841 PKR for carts recovered via web push

📈 7.4% conversion rate for abandoned cart notifications

🙌 7.8% CTR for browse abandonment notifications

💰 AOV of 3221 PKR for browse abandonment notifications

When informing shoppers that they've abandoned their cart, it's important to go omnichannel. By focusing on just one channel, you lose out on recovering more carts. If customers don't open social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, the brand loses out on retargeting to them. If they aren't opening their email or aren't subscribed to it, those customers are lost too. This is why Adex360 is a strong believer of omnichannel marketing.

PushOwl allows the brand to send 3 different kinds of follow-ups with 3 unique messaging for abandoned carts, giving flexibility and allowing them to reduce content fatigue. Instead of the 3 notifications, Adex360 has set up just 2 notifications send first, after 1 hour, and then 24 hours after abandonment.


With web push notifications, Adex360 is able to help Limelight tap into their target market— women shoppers who largely shop on their Android smartphones— and convert them more effectively. Adding this instant marketing channel within the brand’s omnichannel marketing strategy ensures that they don’t miss reaching their wide customer base with different communication preferences.

With smartly crafted campaigns and automations, Adex360 helps Limelight engage their subscribers and capture purchases with higher AOVs, achieving a 21K+ ROI on their PushOwl spend. 

“PushOwl has the best customer support team. They actually made me realize more use cases that can be enabled. This has really helped me to invest more on this platform for my clients.”

Zain Hameed,
Founder, Adex360