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For global brands like Bokksu, an omnichannel marketing strategy is key to reaching their wide customer base. With web push notifications, Bokksu is able to connect with shoppers who may not subscribe to other channels and successfully convert them through instant promotions. The specialty snack brand drives a 677x ROI on their PushOwl app.


During his time in Japan, Danny Taing, founder of Bokksu, came across the delicious Japanese snacks that were a local favorite. He was so amazed by the flavors that he even came back to the US with a suitcase full of snacks to share with friends and family.

Despite how unique and flavourful they were, Danny couldn’t find these specialty snacks anywhere in the States. Many of these snacks were local specialties made by family businesses and were only available within Japan. Danny decided to change that by launching Bokksu.

Today, Bokksu curates a collection of handpicked local snacks from Japan, empowering Japanese traditional snackmakers, sharing their authentic foods and stories, and connecting the world with these unique treats.

Bokksu web push notifications PushOwl

Bokksu and PushOwl: At a glance  

✅ 677x ROI

✅ 52K subscribers

✅ 18% of orders placed via web push are from first-time customers


As a global brand, Bokksu understands that shoppers on their site have different needs and expectations when it comes to their buying habits and they saw this extended even to their communication preferences.

By adding web push notifications as an additional channel to connect with their shoppers (along with email and SMS), the brand was able to set up an omnichannel marketing strategy.

They had enabled PushOwl more than a year ago and had collected quite a lot of subscribers. Noticing its potential, Bokksu started optimizing and planning the next steps for their web push strategy.

Having PushOwl is a great tool for us to send out marketing campaigns from another earned channel. This allows us to communicate and engage with customers that may not have opted in to email or SMS. The app was also relatively cheap to onboard onto and test so it was a no-brainer!

Ray Chau
Sr. Growth Marketing Associate, Bokksu


✅ AOV of 78.25USD for orders placed via web push

✅ 66.4% increase in AOV with orders placed via web push

Bokksu has set up web push notifications using PushOwl, sending promotions about discounts, bundles, and new products. When planning their campaigns, the brand smartly layers its campaigns for email, SMS, and web push, sending similar promotions to its different audience sets.

Such an omnichannel strategy helps Bokksu sell out, even when they don't expect to! For instance, in March 2021, the brand ran its annual campaign called Snack Madness. They had curated a bundle and expected to sell only 50% of their existing stock. Despite only marketing it through their owned channels, Bokksu successfully sold out all their bundles.

Bokksu web push notifications

Promoting subscriptions through segmentation

✅ AOV of 76.3USD for segmented campaigns

✅ 80% increase in AOV by segmenting web push campaigns

Besides sending campaigns about their market products, Bokksu also promotes its subscription boxes. Since Bokksu can’t promote their subscription boxes to their active customers, they segment their subscribers, targeting inactive shoppers and non-buyers and sending campaigns to increase subscriptions.

Their segmented campaigns successfully drove more intent to buy, nudging shoppers to add items to their cart.

Recover abandoned carts and re-engage interested buyers

✅ 8% CTR for abandoned cart notifications

✅ Average cart value of 95.7USD for abandoned cart notifications

✅ 5.6% CTR for browse abandonment notifications

To ensure that they don't miss out on interested shoppers, Bokksu has set up abandoned cart notifications. These automated notifications remind the shopper about the product they added to their cart, bringing them back and converting the abandoned cart into a purchase.

Bokksu web push notifications

Besides recovering carts, Bokksu has also set up browse abandonment notifications, reminding shoppers about snacks they looked at but didn't take any action on.

These automations allow Bokksu to successfully push customers down their buying funnel, converting abandoned carts and re-engaging browsing shoppers.


By using web push notifications, Bokksu is able to set up an omnichannel marketing strategy, maximize their visibility, reach a larger audience, and promote their products, bundles, and subscription boxes better. PushOwl gives Bokksu the flexibility to segment their large subscriber base to drive more subscriptions as well as set up automated notifications to re-engage past browsers and turn abandoned carts into purchases.

With such a holistic web push marketing strategy, Bokksu achieves a 677x ROI on its PushOwl spend.

It's so seamless for an individual to opt-in. We grew our list without any promotion behind it and went from 20K subscribers to 60K without us realizing. Since our goal is to reach all our customers, PushOwl helps with that and is definitely an important earned channel.

Ray Chau
Sr. Growth Marketing Associate, Bokksu