Bonanza Satrangi works with Shopistan, an eCommerce agency, to drive 54571x ROI with web push

Use Case
Agency-Driven Growth

Many brands work with experienced agencies to set up and run their marketing efforts. Bonanza Satrangi, a leading fashion apparel and beauty brand in Pakistan, is one of them.

They work with Shopistan to enable web push notifications as one of their channels, automating cart recovery, informing their 600K+ web push subscribers about new launches instantly, and generating 75% more revenue through web push than email.

About Shopistan

Shopistan launched in 2012 as an eCommerce brand, selling T-shirts. Having entered the eCommerce market at such an early stage, Shopistan was able to identify multiple problems within the industry and found ways to fix them. One such solution they built out was an omnichannel product that streamlines online and offline stores, helping businesses sync their inventory and orders.

In 2015, they branched into a marketing agency, using their learnings to help upcoming businesses to thrive online. Today, Shopistan is a team of 250 and is known as a leader in Pakistan's eCommerce space.

About Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza is a legacy brand dating back to 1976. They started by selling winter wear and have earned the trust of consumers across Pakistan through their assurance of “high quality and low price points''. In 2012, they branched out with Bonanza Satrangi, launching various categories like apparel, beauty, and fragrances.

In 2017, the brand established its eCommerce presence, starting with a PHP website and moving to Magento in 2018. Due to many limitations on the site, Bonanza moved to Shopify Plus in 2020. Today, the brand’s online presence accounts for 20% of its sales.

With Magento, there were a lot of limitations but our life is much easier now with Shopify Plus, allowing us to enable newer tooling like web push.

Nida Siddiqui
Head of Ecommerce at Bonanza

Wins with PushOwl

🏆 54571x ROI

🙌 600K+ subscribers

📈 7.9% of all orders on the store are attributed to web push

🏅 46% of orders placed via web push are from first-time customers


Having worked with multiple eCommerce stores, Shopistan is well-versed with the problems that different marketing channels pose. When setting up the marketing stack for brands that they work with, the agency always recommends web push marketing because of how easily it captures subscribers and generates revenue. Shopistan thinks of web push marketing as a must-have channel because of the value that it creates.

Bonanza Satrangi initially tried OneSignal while researching the different tools they could use to enable web push notifications on their website. However, they ended up choosing PushOwl because of how easy it was to use and set up.

With diverse features like browse abandonment and cart recovery, PushOwl is like a one-stop solution and it's so much easier to use. I could plan a campaign myself and even segment my audience without any complex tasks like uploading a CSV.

Nida Siddiqui
Head of Ecommerce at Bonanza


How Bonanza works with Shopistan to finetune their web push strategy

Shopistan is Bonanza's tech partner, handling their digital marketing. The teams have a collaborative process, sharing collaterals and ideas on the kind of campaign they can run.

Bonanza plans its campaigns on a monthly basis, based on the new launches and collections coming up. They share their design collaterals with Shopistan’s team. Shopistan then works on the finer details of each campaign and sets up the campaigns across all marketing channels, including web push.

Email VS web push

Bonanza's audience is more inclined to web push than email. The brand has 650% more web push subscribers as compared to their email subscriber list. The instant nature of web push has also made it easier to drive more clicks to the website (5.04% CTR) whereas email doesn’t have the same traction (1.13% CTR).

Web push notifications are a game-changer. With social media, you can swipe away and other channels like email are easy to miss. But, with web push, it’s hard to miss and easy to scan. The value of such a channel is tremendous and crucial for an eCommerce business to leverage.

Abdullah Abid
Assistant Manager Digital Marketing at Shopistan

Tailoring the strategy

🏅 6.45% CTR when segmenting and targeting loyal shoppers

Bonanza Satrangi maximizes its engagement by using Segmentation, targeting specific audiences to relate to their subscribers better. For instance, the brand sent a campaign to shoppers who purchased full price in the last 15 days, sharing a discount they are running and inciting interest through a sweet offer.

Since they have both a local customer base as well as an international audience, Segmentation has also helped the brand target just their local shoppers with deals and discounts relevant to them specifically, ensuring that shoppers outside of Pakistan aren't shown irrelevant promotions.

Web push automations

🏆 8.5% CTR for abandoned cart reminders

📈 9.6% increase in AOV for carts recovered via web push

Cart recovery is the reason that Bonanza Satrangi started exploring web push and this feature has reaped the most conversions for them.

They've kept their copy simple, reminding shoppers of their cart and with the last reminder, building a little urgency over the product left behind. Such smart optimizations have helped them recover more than 18K carts within just one year.

Besides recovering carts, the brand has also enabled other automated notifications like browse abandonment, welcome notifications, and back-in-stock notifications. This way, they've been able to set up newer opportunities to engage different kinds of shoppers and drive them to take action.


Shopistan works with Bonanza Satrangi to set up optimized marketing strategies that are proven to work. With web push, they were able to identify multiple use cases that allow deeper personalization, targeting specific audiences and tailoring the message to appeal to them.

Through consistent communication and experimentation, Bonanza Satrangi sees a whopping 54571x ROI on their PushOwl spend, clearly getting the most out of web push marketing.

We always encourage our clients to use PushOwl and even upgrade to higher plans because of the tremendous growth it provides in such a short span of time.

Abdullah Abid
Assistant Manager Digital Marketing at Shopistan