Culture Kings Increases Traffic and Conversions Using Web Push Notifications

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Omnichannel Strategy
Abandoned Cart Recovery

As a global streetwear brand, Culture Kings attracts 240K monthly visits to their ecommerce site. They leverage this traffic, turning them into web push subscribers and sending promotions to drive more conversions. The brand has seen a 1543x ROI on their PushOwl spend in just 5 months.


In 2008, Simon Beard and his wife, Tahnee started Culture Kings with a storefront on the Gold Coast, selling Schoolies merchandise. It wasn’t long before it exploded into a world-renowned streetwear brand. A decade later, they opened up their online storefront, catering to a VIP client base.

Today, streetwear enthusiasts across the globe look to Culture Kings to gear up like their favorite rappers, musicians, and NBA stars.

Culture Kings and PushOwl: At a glance

✅ ROI of 1543x

✅ 192K subscribers in 5 months

✅ 24% of all orders placed via web push are from first-time customers


Culture Kings was looking for a way to reach their audience quickly and easily. The streetwear brand wanted to send crisp reminders about deals they were running to their shoppers’ devices and bring them back with very little effort. Their goal to get more traffic to their ecommerce site allows the brand to increase engagement among their shoppers and ultimately, convince them to make a purchase.



✅ CTR of 3.01% for campaigns

✅ AOV of 158 AUD for orders placed through web push campaigns

✅ 8.3% increase in AOV with orders placed through web push

Culture Kings saw just how effective web push notifications could be and adopted the channel to reach their shoppers faster. Their web push strategy is aligned to their email marketing, with similar promotions and messaging but adapted to fit the different format.

When setting up their campaigns, they usually create promotions about hyped brands like Nike and Supreme, promoting full-priced products, driving more clicks, and getting more people onto their site.

Once in the funnel, these shoppers would start browsing other products that the brand sells. This was especially the case with in-house products that would be priced lower than the premium brands that they were reeled in with but were enticing and affordable enough for the shopper to purchase from the brand.

Simplified re-engagement

✅ Average abandoned cart value of 188 AUD

✅ CTR of 4.8% for abandoned cart notifications

✅ CTR of 5.13% for browse abandonment notifications

The streetwear brand has also set up automated web push notifications, reminding customers who dropped off after viewing a product page or after adding an item to their cart. Since it runs on its own, these automated flows make it easier for Culture Kings to set up re-marketing efforts and bring back customers to complete their shopping in a timely manner.

Here's an example of how abandoned cart notifications would capture more purchases for Culture Kings.


In just 5 months of using web push as a marketing channel, Culture Kings has been able to grow its subscriber list and turn store visitors into customers. They see a 1543X ROI by using PushOwl for their web push notification efforts.

The streetwear brand hopes to continue driving more traffic and conversions through crisp and highly-visible web push notifications, even using advanced features like segmentation to appeal to subscribers better.

The team at PushOwl is amazing to work with. It's really straightforward to work on the platform itself. It's just been kind of a nice, easy integration that has so many benefits, especially driving traffic to our site.

Bianca Koning
Ecommerce Executive, Culture Kings