How HYPE sees 90% higher click rate with web push notifications after migration

Use Case

HYPE previously used an established marketing app for 4 months but the lack of support and the high costs made them switch back to PushOwl. With the right app, HYPE can now leverage all the features and make the most of web push marketing. The fashion brand sees a 44x ROI on their PushOwl spend.


HYPE was launched in 2011 as a self-funded project, designing printed clothing and accessories. The brand sold out its first stock when they won a t-shirt printing competition and their popularity has snowballed since then.

Being one of the first in the market, HYPE was able to gain public appeal. Today, they are one of UK's most recognizable brands, with a flagship store in London, collaborations with leading celebrities, and selling in 27 territories across the globe.

HYPE and PushOwl: At a glance  

🏆 44x ROI

📈 208K subscribers

💰 AOV of 39.2 USD for orders placed via web push

🚀 23.4% increase in AOV for orders placed via web push

🙌 4.1% CTR for abandoned cart notifications

🏅 3.5% CTR for welcome notifications


The HYPE team is always looking for different ways to connect with their audience. So, when they moved to Shopify Plus, they also had the opportunity to enable specific solutions via apps. This was when they started to explore web push to help them capture newer audiences that are already interested in their products. When looking at apps to enable web push marketing, the HYPE team was recommended to use PushOwl, via the Shopify App Store as well as by the Shopify expert agencies they worked with.

However, they wanted an omnichannel solution so they switched to a full-stack solution that lets them manage all their marketing activities in one place. 4 months in, they found several problems. For one, they didn’t get the customer support they needed to help them figure out the app and maximize its use. Their data wasn’t synced, making it difficult to analyze their past performance. It was also much more expensive than they expected.

We saw a drop of 90% in clickthrough rates so we came back to PushOwl.

Shiv Arora
Ecommerce Project Manager, HYPE


Switching back to PushOwl

HYPE had a seamless experience migrating to PushOwl. Due to PushOwl’s native integration with Shopify, HYPE was running within a day or so, with all their data synced up and ready to use.

When we use PushOwl and send campaigns through the app, we have a transparent look at the numbers and the conversions we get.

Shiv Arora
Ecommerce Project Manager, HYPE

For HYPE, web push notifications drive the 2nd highest engagement among all the channels that they use. They have a monthly calendar where they plan out their campaigns, depending on the products they intend to highlight. This helps them stay on track with their messaging and in sending out timely promotions.

Besides the campaigns they send out, HYPE has set up multiple automations to engage with customers at different customer journeys, from welcoming new subscribers to reminding shoppers who abandoned their cart.


Once HYPE moved back to PushOwl, they were able to maximize the conversions via web push notifications. HYPE leverages every aspect of web push marketing, from capturing interested store visitors to communicating about their promotions to recovering carts.

With a 44x ROI, web push is the easiest revenue stream for HYPE, helping them with instant communication and even driving in revenue on autopilot.