INH Hair uses web push notifications for their retention marketing

Use Case
Retention Marketing

Retention is an important part of growing any e-commerce business. INH Hair has set up web push notifications as one of its retention funnels, using the channel to inform shoppers about product launches and sales, and re-engaging them at different points of the buying journey. The beauty brand sees a 112X ROI on their PushOwl spend.


Growing up, Jordynn Wynn struggled with her self-image. She found that experimenting with her hair and beauty was a way to express herself better and create a healthier and happier self-perception. Through her experience, Jordynn realized that this could help others just like her to access their self-image.

Wearing fake hair is not as well-known as putting on makeup but in 2018, Jordynn and Sharon Pak set out to change that. Their motto, "never limit your expression", has helped them evolve and grow INH Hair to what it is today, helping people express themselves through hair extensions and fake hair and making it more accessible.

Through the last 3 years, the brand has been able to grow into a global beauty brand, with 855K Instagram followers and a dedicated Facebook community of 8.1K members who are known to be highly supportive of each other, sharing their favorite hair looks and even becoming close friends through the years.

INH Hair and PushOwl: At a glance  

✅ 23.5K subscribers

🚀 112X ROI

😍 37% of all orders placed via web push are from first-time customers


A year ago, one of the co-founders, Jordynn Wynn, was setting up multiple retention funnels in an effort to capture different types of customers with different preferences. The brand was aware that customers may not be keen to enter their email or phone number but still wanted to be able to reach them in other ways. This is when the team started to explore web push notifications to tap into shoppers that might otherwise not stick around.

We had a great conversation about all the possibilities with push notifications [with PushOwl’s Head of Sales] and for us, we really loved the idea of being able to acquire subscribers without them having to enter an email address or a phone number. I know that can be kind of a barrier for a lot of people to subscribe to messaging from your brand.

Zanna Morre
Retention Marketing Specialist, INH Hair



🛍 AOV of 78.3USD for orders placed via web push

🥳 2.4% increase in AOV with orders placed via web push

INH Hair has a well-oiled process when planning their web push notifications. They plan out their retention funnels on a weekly basis, looking at the different promotions, launches, and activations that the brand is planning for in the next two weeks. They then create customized assets for their different channels, SMS, email, and web push, together.

So we've really understood and learned how to utilize push notifications for those really big hits that will definitely pull in a lot of eyes to our website and a lot of revenue for us.

Julia Hornbeck
Retention Marketing Team, INH Hair

Testing to perfection

INH Hair is big on experimenting. They A/B test different elements with their web push campaigns to understand what works and what's getting more clicks and interactions. Such testing helps them optimize their web push strategy, improving their revenue by up to 456%.

For instance, recently, they were testing whether adding copy to their hero images makes an impact. Through a few rounds of testing, they learned that shoppers are more likely to click on notifications without copy within the hero image.

Guiding customers at different stages with automations

😍 4.5% CTR for abandoned cart notifications

🚀 3.9% CTR for browse abandonment notifications

🛍 AOV of 91USD for carts recovered via web push

INH Hair has set up automations to re-engage customers at different stages of their buying journey, across different communication channels. They've been able to understand what their shoppers need when they are at different stages of the purchasing process. The brand then uses this insight to craft automated messages that aid shoppers in completing their purchase, whether it's to help them understand which product they should get or assist them with their payment methods.

For instance, within their browse abandonment notification, the brand helps confused shoppers take a quiz to find the right product for their needs. Such a quiz is especially helpful since fake hair and extensions are still a new space and shoppers may not be familiar with the options available to them.


INH Hair has a strong presence online and they’ve been able to capture every visit to their website as a sales opportunity using web push notifications. They use it to guide customers through different stages of their buying journey, seeing a 122X ROI through their efforts with PushOwl.  

The beauty brand hopes to grow web push as a marketing channel along with the other retention funnels they have, amplifying the success they’ve already seen with the campaigns they’ve sent and the automations they run.