Lowbrow Customs captures a new audience through web push notifications

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Additional Revenue Channel
AM-Driven Growth

Marketing is about casting a wide net so that you can capture customers across different channels. Lowbrow Customs does this well and even enables web push notifications as one of the ways to connect with their store visitors.

Using PushOwl, it's easier for the brand to send value-adding notifications to build authority, re-engage shoppers, recover carts, A/B test their strategy, and even segment their subscribers to send personalized messages. The brand sees a 385x ROI on their PushOwl spend.

I'm very happy to pay for PushOwl because it makes us a hundred times more money in return over the month. So, it works out great.

Tyler Malinky
CEO and Founder, Lowbrow Customs


Finding parts for old vintage motorcycles is tricky but Tyler Malinky always had a knack for these things. To simplify how enthusiasts source these specific parts, Tyler started Lowbrow Customs in 2004 in a spare bedroom and basement in Ohio.

Initially, Malinky set up his online storefront by coding the website from scratch. As the business grew, the brand moved to Shopify, enriching their tech stack and enabling tools to make their brand and products more accessible to customers all over the world.

What makes Lowbrow Customs unique is its customer-first approach. From their content and guides to their support team, the brand is constantly helping people figure out how to care for their vintage motorcycles and install parts.

Lowbrow Customs and PushOwl at a glance

✅ ROI of 385x

✅ 20.7K subscribers

✅ 18.2% of all orders placed via web push are from first-time customers


Since Lowbrow Customs caters to custom Harley Davidsons and vintage motorcycles, the brand has a niche and dedicated customer base. They promote their brand through a number of marketing avenues, from events, races, and sponsorships to social media, email, and ads.

This variety in their marketing strategy helps them reach a wide range of customers that choose to consume media differently. Web push notifications is another channel for Lowbrow Customs to reach audiences they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

We have someone who accepts notifications when they visit our website but they never purchased from us. They've never created an account. We don't have their email address. We don't know who this person is. Yet, we can still send them content or advertising just because they visited our site.

Tyler Malinky
CEO and Founder, Lowbrow Customs



✅ 3.3% CTR for web push campaigns

✅ AOV of 147.8 USD for orders placed via web push notifications

✅ 209% increase in AOV with orders placed with web push notifications

When sending web push notifications, Lowbrow Customs is focused on delivering value to its large subscriber base. They send out notifications around the content they've produced, sharing tips and guides on motorcycle care and part installations. By being a source of information to their customers, the brand is able to set itself apart and build authority, making subscribers much more likely to purchase from them.

A lot of times we're using web push notifications to notify customers of a new video, a new article, or something they would get value from. It really helps supercharge our marketing and increase views of posts and videos which leads to conversions, product sales, and all that stuff downstream.

Tyler Malinky
CEO and Founder at Lowbrow Customs

Lowbrow Customs also uses A/B testing for their web push campaigns to fine-tune their strategy. It helps them understand what kind of copy, images, and strategy works for their customers, increasing their revenue by up to 68%.

Aligned promotions for email, text messages, and web push

Lowbrow Customs uses web push notifications in tandem with its email. The brand plans out what they'll be sending out through email, text messages, and push notifications within their content calendar, simplifying their task of planning their promotions.

What's more, by sending similar promotions on these different channels, whether it’s an article, a video, or even a product feature, the brand is able to reach shoppers who may not have subscribed to their email list but would have opted into their web push notifications. This allows Lowbrow Customs to double down on their outreach to customers.

Segmentation for tailored messaging

✅ 8.7% CTR for segmented campaigns

✅ 163% increase in CTR for segmented campaigns

Lowbrow Customs understands the importance of sending web push notifications that are tailored to their audience and their interests. They use segmentation to narrow down their subscribers based on their behavior, whether they’ve purchased, their location, etc. The brand then sends web push campaigns that are tailored to the custom attributes of the subscribers within that segment, like their purchase or browse history.

When we segment properly, we tend to get better results as far as our click-throughs and conversions [are concerned] because we are able to get the information that people are truly interested in to the right people.

Tyler Malinky
CEO and Founder, Lowbrow Customs

Automated re-engagement

✅ 7.6% CTR for abandoned cart notifications

✅ Average cart value of 144.4 USD for abandoned cart notifications

✅ 5.7% CTR for browse abandonment notifications

✅ AOV of 161 USD for browse abandonment notifications

For Lowbrow Customs, automated notifications are low-hanging fruit. They've used their abandoned cart notifications to remind shoppers about their cart while highlighting the offer they currently have running on the store. Such strong incentives drive higher clicks and turn their abandoned carts into successful orders.

The brand is constantly optimizing the timing and wording of their automations periodically, maximizing their returns and driving more purchases on autopilot.


To reach wider audiences, Lowbrow Customs enables web push notifications, connecting with non-buyers who show interest in their store. The automotive brand can then communicate with these audiences, sending promotions that build a relationship with them.

From re-engaging subscribers to segmenting audiences, Lowbrow Customs has a web push marketing strategy that helps them maximize their growth and successfully tap into web push notifications as an additional revenue channel. Their process of constantly testing and optimizing their web push notifications helps them increase their average order value by 209%.

The calls with the [PushOwl] team are also great. I always come away with one to four actionable items that, when I take the time to actually sit and follow through with, always works well. It's been great working with the team, we've had great communication, and really good feedback on how we can improve our campaigns. It's a win-win!

Tyler Malinky
CEO and Founder, Lowbrow Customs