Maniology adds web push notifications as an additional revenue channel

Use Case
Abandoned Cart Recovery

With web push notifications, brands like Maniology can understand the shopper’s behavior easily before segmenting them and sending promotions with tailored messaging. Maniology prefers using PushOwl as it adds to their additional revenue channel and makes it easier to touch base with their customers where they are most active. The brand sees a 677x ROI on their PushOwl spend.

PushOwl is user-friendly. What I loved was that I didn't have to watch a video or take a course to understand [how it works].

Carol Wu
VP of Marketing at Maniology


Ren and Carol Wu co-founded Bundle Monster in 2009, selling electronic accessories such as e-reader cases, stickers, and other awesome deals in bundles on Amazon and eBay.

As their popularity grew, the brand pivoted and found a niche for themselves within nail stamping. In 2018, they rebranded to Maniology, reflecting the incredibly creative and infinitely inspiring community of nail artists.

Today, Maniology is loved by customers globally and has created a loyal community of 200K+ social media followers.

Maniology and PushOwl at a glance

🥇 677x ROI

🏆 52K subscribers

🛍 18% of orders placed via web push are from first-time customers


Maniology was looking to expand its customer touchpoints to reach its vast audience consistently.

While the team built an engaged email subscriber list and a dedicated social media following, they wanted to fill the gap for shoppers who don’t check other marketing platforms.

I have been aware of this channel for some time, but it was during the Black Friday sale last year that I tried it out. So, I reached for a PushOwl trial ...[]... I was surprised at how our customers took to it, and we were able to build a great subscriber base through that. We liked how easy it is to use, so we added PushOwl to our marketing strategy.

Carol Wu
VP of Marketing at Maniology


Exploring web push notifications and its potential

📈 4.8% CTR for web push campaigns

🙌 AOV of 39.2 USD for orders placed via web push notifications

🛍 29.8% increase in AOV for orders placed via web push notifications

🥳 4.7% orders attributed to web push notifications

Maniology set up web push notifications to capture shoppers who weren’t subscribed to other communication channels, especially those who had visited the site once.  

The brand plans its web push notifications alongside its email campaigns— from new launches and product-related updates, to discounts and sales promos, setting up a truly holistic omnichannel marketing strategy.

With the metrics on PushOwl's dashboard, like impressions, clicks, revenue generated, carts recovered, we were able to understand how our customers shop, which channels they use, their preferences, etc.

This helped them grow their subscriber base as they could easily analyze the campaigns to understand what customers were responding to best.

Re-engaging shoppers through segmentation

🛍 AOV of 41 USD for segmented campaigns

🙌 18.3% increase in AOV for segmented campaigns (compared to generic campaigns sent to all subscribers)

The brand smartly targeted shoppers who were inactive or hadn’t bought from them yet by setting up segmented campaigns. They noticed that, with Segmentation, they were able to nurture their audience without spending a lot of time analyzing customer behavior or annoying them unnecessarily.

Syncing and personalizing abandoned cart recovery reminders

📈 7.8% CTR for abandoned cart reminders

🛒 AOV of 44 USD for abandoned cart reminders

🙌 7.3% CTR for browse abandonment notifications

🥳 7.2% CTR for welcome notifications

🥇 15% CTR for shipping notifications

Customers are constantly distracted and may drop off while shopping but, abandoned cart reminders help the brand to re-engage shoppers in a timely manner.

The brand has set up cart recovery across email, SMS, and web push notifications. However, to avoid spamming customers with the same messages, they make sure that reminders across channels are scheduled across different times to ensure that they don’t clash with each other.


Any way to get in touch with customers is a good touchpoint for a growing e-commerce brand. Just like email and SMS, web push is a unique channel for Maniology, letting them capture shoppers who weren’t subscribed to other communication channels.

It takes less time than creating an email or any other thing. It's less work while creating a lot of added revenue and an additional touchpoint.

Carol Wu
VP of Marketing at Maniology

The brand makes full use of the Segmentation feature, targeting inactive shoppers and those who haven't yet bought from them. This, paired with automated notifications to recover carts and interested browsers, helps the brand grow its subscriber list exponentially and achieve a 677x ROI on their PushOwl spend, successfully adding web push as an additional revenue channel.