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Building a relationship with store visitors, creating value through educational promotions, and increasing returning customers— Only Natural Pet drives high returns through web push notifications. The pet brand sees a 186X ROI on their PushOwl spend.


It started in Boulder, Colorado, with Crinkles, a lab mix who had several health issues. Marty Grosjean was determined to help Crinkles through this but without any organic pet food in the market, he had to do it himself. He created an all-natural and holistic diet for Crinkles and the pup thrived with the organic diet.

Marty then used his experience to create Only Natural Pet, a store that provides everything pet owners need to give their pets a healthier lifestyle.

The brand has been able to successfully expand and create its private label, with over 200 SKUs across different product lines, from natural food to flea and tick powders. Today, the brand’s products can be found across North America, in pet superstores like Petsmart and Chewy.

Only Natural Pet and PushOwl: At a glance  

🚀 ROI of 186X

🛍 13% of all orders through web push were from first-time customers

😍 AOV of 64 USD for all orders placed through web push

📈 14% increase in AOV with orders placed through web push


Six months into their launch on Shopify, Only Natural Pet was struggling to get returning customers. Store visitors weren't keen to sign up for email but the pet brand still wanted to reach these potential customers and provide value to them in other ways.

There was a need to collect potential customers that weren't being captured in the email funnel. Having read about web push and its effectiveness, Only Natural Pet started exploring it as a potential channel to reach store visitors and increase engagement on-site.

Push notifications have a little more urgency to them. It's something that just comes through [on your screen] and it might be at the time that you're on the internet anyway. So you're more than happy to click through and learn something new.

Andy Downs,
Senior Content and Merchandising Manager, Only Natural Pet

While searching for the right app, they found that PushOwl had higher ratings on the Shopify App Store, cementing their decision to set up web push marketing with it.



💰 8.1K USD generated per web push campaign

🛍 3.1% Average CTR for campaigns

With web push notifications, Only Natural Pets is able to communicate with its subscribers effectively and instantly. The pet brand sends educational promotions that help their shoppers care for their pets better, whether it’s about good nutrition or safety tips. Due to this, subscribers are eager to engage with the brand’s notifications and are less likely to dismiss or ignore them.

The blog also includes linkbacks to products that could further assist subscribers in caring for their pets. Such contextual product suggestions give Only Natural Pets an opportunity to subtly get shoppers to consider buying, driving purchases through their content.

Only Natural Pet noticed that customers who land on the website after viewing these content-driven notifications were more likely to interact with promotions and messages shown to them on-site, whether it’s a discount or a subscription program. The pet brand also sees a lower bounce rate with these customers because they are familiar with the brand and are already interested in what they offer.

Another way that the educational promotions help Only Natural Pets is by engaging with subscribers who choose to shop in-store, at a pet superstore in their area. Subscribers would learn about a specific product that the pet brand sells through an educational promotion. During a visit to the retail pet store near them, subscribers would recall reading about said product and choose to pick it up. These promotions allow the brand to create awareness about their products and build more trust with retail shoppers.

Timely deals and discounts

Besides sharing educational promotions, Only Natural Pet sends sale-related notifications towards the beginning of the week. Pet owners usually notice that they are running out of pet food during the weekend.

A timely web push notification informing subscribers about the discounts and promotions at the start of the week gives them the right nudge to reorder and stock up on essentials for their pet.

Low effort wins

✅ 78 USD AOV for carts recovered

✅ 7% CTR for abandoned cart reminders

✅ AOV of 129 USD for browse abandonment notification

Automated web push notifications help Only Natural Pet boost their revenue passively. They run in the background, allowing the pet brand to successfully re-engage store visitors who dropped off after viewing a product page or after leaving an item in their cart.

You're messaging a customer that's abandoning their cart or their browser, which is something that's always happening as customers are coming to your site. So I would say one of the most valuable things for our push notification campaign is those automated ones, because we're just passively collecting customers and we're getting great returns on it.

Complementing email

Email and web push marketing is usually planned in tandem when the brand is running a site-wide promotion, like during Black Friday or a holiday sale.

However, for regular promotions, Only Natural Pet approaches the two marketing channels a little differently. While email marketing focuses primarily on promotional messages, web push campaigns are a mix of sale-related promotions as well as educational messages, driving value to subscribers while also letting them know about the best deals available.


For Only Natural Pet, trust and relationship building is key. Web push notifications allow the Shopify Plus pet brand to capture store visitors who wouldn't otherwise subscribe to promotional lists and effectively build credibility for the products they sell. The impact is clear— Only Natural Pet achieves a 186x ROI using PushOwl.

Through their smart and value-driven web push strategy, Only Natural Pet establishes itself as an authority on all things pet health and increases returning customers to their Shopify Plus store.

I really enjoy PushOwl a lot. I like using it as a tool and specifically towards the end of last year, we've really seen it grow. Sachi (account manager) showed me a tweak [to optimize campaigns]. So, we've gotten more customers to just sign up. And then, you know, obviously that increases impressions for every campaign. So it's one of those things that kind of grows exponentially.