Pastreez, an online French bakery, achieves a 26.5x ROI on PushOwl’s Business plan

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Customers make or break your business. So, it’s crucial to cater to them— from understanding the products they like to identifying how they prefer to stay in touch with you. Pastreez, an online French bakery selling authentic macarons online to consumers across the United States, enables multiple communication channels, including web push to reach their audience effectively.

The brand uses web push to send timely promotions about their new product launches as well as seasonal offers, and even recovers abandoned carts by incentivizing their subscribers. By experimenting with new tactics and using best practices, Pastreez sees a 26.5x ROI on their PushOwl spend.

When you don't have time in your small business like us, we really need these tools to be performance specific and easy to use. So that's a really good thing.

Anthony Rosemond
Co-founder, Pastreez


Pastreez was started in 2017 when Yami and Anthony, two French chefs trained at le Cordon Bleu, moved to Southern California. They first started by selling their macarons in local farmer markets, testing how their product is received by consumers and if it matches the demand locally.

In September 2017, they started selling online, building a passionate list of consumers. Today, Pastreez sells fresh macarons and crepes across the United States.

Pastreez and PushOwl at a glance

🥇 26.5x ROI

🏆 3.27% opt-in rate

🛍 6K subscribers


When marketing to different consumers, it's crucial to understand that different shoppers prefer different channels to keep in touch with a brand. Pastreez ensures that they cater to these different shoppers by enabling multiple channels— email, text, and web push notifications— to successfully capture and communicate with their different shoppers.

Email, SMS, and web push complement each other very well. It's about being able to contact every one and having all these channels helps us access all our audience.

Anthony Rosemond
Co-founder, Pastreez


Effortless marketing with web push

🚀 2.3% CTR for web push campaigns

🎉 AOV of 59 USD for web push campaigns

Pastreez uses web push notifications to announce their new monthly flavor as well as promote their products for seasonal holidays and events like Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.

For the brand, crafting notifications is easy. They keep it straight to the point with one unique offer that is explained within a short and sweet message. This way, their audience can look at it at a glance and know exactly what they are in for. Another best practice they follow is using quality and vibrant pictures of their products as hero images, ensuring that subscribers don't miss them.

Strategic abandoned cart recovery

🙌 7.3% CTR for abandoned cart reminders

📈 AOV of 76USD for abandoned cart reminders

🚀 41.6% increase in AOV for carts recovered via web push

The brand has 2 abandoned cart reminders set up across different intervals. The first notification, going out an hour after abandonment, reminds shoppers about the items they left in their cart.

The second notification is sent 24 hours after abandonment, informing shoppers that they get a box of free macarons when they checkout. This freebie offer helps the brand convert any shoppers who hadn't already checked out, seeing a CTR as high as 8.25%.


Pastreez keeps its web push notifications fresh and quick to read, with their bright product images catching their subscribers’ attention for longer. The brand recovers abandoned carts with web push as well, with a freebie offer on their second notification to successfully capture the few shoppers who didn’t checkout yet.

By following best practices and keeping their campaigns crisp, Pastreez achieves a 26.5x ROI on their PushOwl spend, generating more revenue through the direct marketing channel.