Scalpers, a global fashion brand, uses PushOwl to increase customer loyalty

Use Case

Brands like Scalpers serve thousands of customers, each with different needs and at different stages of the buying journey. For such global brands, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

That’s why Scalpers uses web push notifications to segment their vast subscriber list and send tailored campaigns to them. By personalizing their marketing, the fashion brand sees 147x ROI on their PushOwl spend.

Not all apps on the Shopify ecosystem are as easy and fast to integrate like it was with PushOwl.

Fatima Lerdo De Tejada
Head of Growth at Scalpers


In 2007, a group of friends in Seville were inspired to design and sell an exclusive apparel collection for men, with the idea of helping men to break away from a traditional, understated style. Headquartered in Spain, the fashion brand opened its first store in Madrid

Today, Scalpers creates iconic collections every season that ensure men, women, and children feel unique. Scalpers sells globally, with 225 physical points of sale in 6 countries, and with 25% of their sales coming from their online store.

Scalpers and PushOwl at a glance

🥇 147x ROI

🏆 290K subscribers

🛍 7.4% of orders attributed to web push notifications


When Scalpers first started selling online, they used to only send out newsletters and SMS about order updates and shipping details. As they grew, they identified other ways to interact with their shoppers and grow.

Now, they have multiple marketing channels, from email to social media, through which they foster strong relationships with their shoppers.

We came across PushOwl because it was the best app on the Shopify App Store and it was well-rated. Once we had the initial call, the account manager onboarded us to the platform easily.

Fatima Lerdo De Tejada
Head of Growth at Scalpers


Higher conversions with personalization

📈 8.5% CTR for segmented campaigns

💌 49.1% increase in clicks with segmented campaigns

🛍 AOV of EUR 70.35 for segmented campaigns

🙌 196.6% increase in AOV for segmented campaigns

Scalpers uses PushOwl’s Segmentation feature to achieve specific goals— from rewarding loyal shoppers to acquiring more loyalty program members. The brand has set up custom segments based on customer tags. Since these tags are based on customer behavior, Scalpers can easily understand the motive that these different shopper segments have and tailor their messaging to meet their goals.

With shoppers who have already joined their loyalty program, the brand sends out exclusive messages sharing discounts and promotions. With shoppers who aren't in their loyalty program, the fashion brand smartly sets up acquisition campaigns to turn them into loyalty members.

By sending segmented campaigns, Scalpers saw better engagement and revenue as compared to non-segmented campaigns, increasing their AOV by 162%.

Hybrid cart recovery strategy with email and web push

🛒 11.5% CTR for abandoned cart reminders

The fashion brand has set up automated email and web push notifications in tandem to recover abandoned carts efficiently.

Once a shopper abandons their cart, they first receive an email reminder about the item they left behind. The next reminder is sent to the shopper as a web push notification, 4 days after they've abandoned their cart. This strategy has helped the brand to communicate with their shoppers in a timely manner, increasing checkout while maintaining a positive relationship.


Besides sending campaigns about their sales and new collections, Scalpers uses PushOwl to slice their audience sets, segmenting subscribers based on specific attributes and behavior. This lets them craft targeted messaging to appeal to different types of subscribers better and drive more sales.

Segmentation makes it easier for Scalpers to turn subscribers into loyal customers, seeing higher clicks and larger order values.

Web push notifications are one of the most useful marketing tools for us. It has a big impact on our brand’s growth.

Fatima Lerdo De Tejada
Head of Growth at Scalpers