Vahdam India uses web push notifications to increase customer engagement

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Food and beverage brands need to be exceptionally unique to win loyal shoppers. Vahdam India taps into the most accessible marketing channel, web push notifications, to reach and engage with its customers. They also test out different strategies to appeal to them better and maximize their performance. The tea brand sees a 91.7X ROI on their PushOwl spend.


Vahdam India is a young and proud homegrown brand with a pursuit to make native wellness wisdom accessible to the modern world, through an honest and ethical route. They follow a "No unnecessary middlemen" philosophy and deliver straight from the divine gardens to your teacups.

Currently shipping to 100+ countries, Vahdam India offers a wide range of our wellness teas and superfoods made available in the most convenient way for your ‘Always On’ lifestyle. Indeed, a wellness trip on every sip.

Vahdam India and PushOwl: At a glance  

🚀 91.7X ROI

😍 22K subscribers

🛍 1.2% of orders attributed to web push notifications

🥳 30% of orders placed via web push are from first-time customers


As a tea brand, Vahdam India knows how difficult it is to engage with customers and ultimately, build loyalty towards the products they sell. The brand enabled multiple channels, from email to Facebook Messenger to engage customers at different touchpoints.

People are very phone-oriented, it's always on your hands. So, it’s easily the most accessible touchpoint. That’s why, with web push notifications, the conversation with the customer is very, very easy.

Aastha Agarwal
Marketing Associate, Vahdam India

Being a direct marketing channel, Vahdam India chose to explore web push notifications and use the communication channel to successfully capture and re-engage their shoppers.


🛍 AOV of 1110 INR for orders placed via web push

😍 26.5% higher AOV for orders placed via web push

Vahdam India sends web push campaigns that appeal to their customers and their needs. Besides sending discounts and sale promotions, the tea brand tries to understand what their customers are looking for through their products and then highlight the benefits within their web push notifications.

The tea brand plans its web push campaigns by first creating an internal marketing calendar to track different product launches, sales, and events. Once the calendar is set, the team creates the marketing assets for both email and web push.

One insight they’ve gained through their marketing efforts is that the kind of strategy they use for web push notifications performs well with their email marketing and vice-versa.

They then diversify their strategy when crafting their campaigns on each channel. For web push specifically, they have to craft their promotional copy within the strict word limit, pushing them to convey their message in creative ways.

Testing effectiveness with segmentation

📈 5.1% CTR for segmented campaigns

🚀 374.3% increase in clicks by segmenting campaigns

The priority for any marketing channel is keeping costs low while maximizing returns. Vahdam India uses segmentation to test out the effectiveness of its strategy. The brand targeted highly engaged subscribers, testing out their campaign ideas and analyzing how these promotions perform as compared to benchmarks. This helps the brand optimize and set up better messaging with their web push notifications, whether it's campaigns or automations while reducing the cost of acquiring or re-engaging a customer.

Moving forward, the tea brand plans to use segmentation to achieve specific goals— getting a second purchase from first-time buyers, converting shoppers who click on notifications but haven't purchased, increase loyalty, etc.

Personalizing abandoned cart recovery

Abandoned cart recovery is a very important flow for us, whether it's web push or email. These are warm leads for us— people who have gone through the cart but haven't completed the purchase. So, personalizing the message and adding a coupon code within the copy itself has helped us improve our revenue!

Aastha Agarwal
Marketing Associate, Vahdam India

Vahdam India had a large number of shoppers showing interest in their products but not completing their purchase. When setting up their abandoned cart reminders, the brand started to test out different strategies to leverage shopper attention and convert more carts.

Knowing how well discounts work with their audience, the brand enabled discount ladders within their automated reminders to incentivize shoppers to complete their purchase and successfully reduce cart abandonment.


As a DTC brand, Vahdam India is constantly looking for opportunities to build a relationship with its audience. Web push notifications allows the brand to capture and engage shoppers, and ensure that they don’t lose them.

The tea brand is able to tap into different kinds of audiences when using this channel, from new subscribers who haven’t bought from them yet to shoppers that abandon their cart to repeat buyers. With PushOwl, the tea brand achieves a 91.7X ROI, increasing customer engagement successfully.

Web push notification is a space where you can get stuck very easy. If things are not working, you never know what else to do. And from there you need someone who has the expertise. The kind of guidance we get from your team [at PushOwl] at this point is very helpful.

Aastha Agarwal
Marketing Associate, Vahdam India