Vice City Breaks earned $77K+ in revenue on PushOwl’s Free plan

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Brands selling unique items have a smaller but more loyal customer base, making every single store visit an important one. What’s more, if the brand sells rare items, customers want to know about a launch instantly so they don’t miss out on snagging the new item. Vice City Breaks uses web push notifications to capture a dedicated subscriber list and informs them directly (on their device screen) about new collectible cards available on the store.

Just using the free plan, Vice City Breaks was able to generate $77K+ in 6 months of using PushOwl.

PushOwl is literally a 30-second process to reach your customer base.

Jason Gill, founder at Vice City Breaks


When collecting sports trading cards, most collectors prefer getting specific cards for their preferred teams or players rather than getting the whole group of cards. Vice City Breaks is an online store that has made this easier. The brand, based in Miami, breaks an entire case of unique sports cards and sells them individually.

Besides the convenience of buying specific cards, the brand is known for the community it has created through the live streams they host showcasing the cards that they will be selling on their store.

Vice City Breaks and PushOwl at a glance

🥇 208 subscribers

🏆 Generated $77K in revenue in 6 months of using PushOwl

🛍 14% of all orders attributed to web push notifications

🙌 AOV of 264 USD for orders placed via web push

📈 47% increase in AOV for orders placed via web push

How did a niche store generate revenue with web push notifications on a free plan?

When Vice City Breaks launches one of their limited edition and rare collectibles, they send out a web push campaign, letting their subscribers know about the new item that’s available. Due to how instant the notification is and the product’s high demand, subscribers can easily click through and be the first to grab it. This is why web push is such a low-effort but high-impact channel for the brand.

Vice City Breaks sends out campaigns twice a week and only when there’s a new launch. This way, subscribers know that they won’t get spammed, building more trust for the brand. In fact, many customers are on the lookout for specific cards that the store puts out and the instant notification they get allows them to not miss out on these rare items.

Email vs web push

📧 1.62% CTR for email campaigns

📈 8.3% CTR for web push campaigns

Despite a smaller subscriber base, Vice City Breaks sees higher conversions through web push notifications when compared to email. Since the notifications are instantly sent and take very little time to read, subscribers can instantly take action.

It’s a million times easier than doing an email. It takes me 45 minutes to think of something funny to say and create an email but with PushOwl, I just need to put 2 nice lines of text down and that’s all that is needed to get people to be interested enough to check the store out.


Web push notifications help Vice City Breaks reach their avid collectors faster without too much effort. The brand can maximize the hype around the collector cards they sell with just a few lines of text.

Due to this, the brand was able to generate $77K+ in revenue in just 6 months of using the web push notification app.

If there’s an importance to getting the message across at a certain time, web push notification is the best.

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