Wow Skin Science uses web push notifications to guide shopper journeys

Use Case
AM-Driven Growth

Wow Skin Science has set up web push notifications with PushOwl to guide customers at different stages of the buying process, providing them with a seamless shopping experience. The global skincare brand sends highly segmented campaigns to resonate with their subscribers better and has set up automated notifications to re-engage shoppers at pivotal touchpoints, recovering abandoned carts and browsers. Wow Skin Science sees a 103X ROI on their PushOwl spend.


The beauty industry is constantly innovating, with new players and competitors emerging every day. It’s nearly impossible to stand out in the crowd.

Determined to inculcate Ayurveda and natural beauty, 2 sets of brothers took on the challenge to change the beauty landscape in India. Fit & Glow Founders, Ashwin and Arvind Sokke, as well as Manish and Karan Chowdhary, set out to do what no other brand could— blending traditional Indian Ayurvedic formulations with Western herbal preparations, backed by modern scientific research to create a multi-billion dollar brand.

Wow Skin Science and PushOwl: At a glance  

✅ ROI of 103X

✅ 25K subscribers

✅ 3.2% of orders attributed to web push notifications

✅ 19% of all orders placed via web push are from first-time customers


Wow Skin Science is a brand that is deeply connected to its audience. They have a diverse set of channels that they are active on— from email, SMS, social media, and Facebook communities to marketplaces like Amazon, without forgetting offline spaces.

Wow Skin Science saw a huge opportunity to capture audiences better with web push notifications. For the skincare brand, browser push notifications are a great way for the brand to easily catch these shoppers and later engage them through crisp messages and promotions.

When we do send them a push notification, it's likely that shoppers are still on their device and they'll see it. I would say that this is a more seamless experience for them [of being able to open the site directly] rather than an email. That's the gap that PushOwl has filled for us.

Fangfang Yu
Media Buying Associate, Wow Skin Science



✅ AOV of 56.13USD for orders placed via web push notifications

✅ 22% increase in AOV for orders placed via web push notifications

✅ 3.7% CTR for segmented campaigns

✅ 103% increase in CTR with segmented campaigns

Wow Skin Science sends out 2 to 3 web push notifications every week. These campaigns are a mix of promotional and educational, either featuring specific products or a blog that was recently published on their site.

The brand segments its audience based on where they are in the buying process, sending highly targeted web push campaigns to nudge them in a timely manner. The brand understands where the shopper is in the purchase cycle, sees what they are looking for, and crafts the message accordingly.

Targeting shoppers with automations

✅ 4.6% CTR for abandoned cart notifications

✅ AOV of 60 USD for browse abandonment notifications

The skincare brand has set up automated push notifications to re-engage shoppers who dropped off after browsing a few products or after adding an item to their cart. These notifications are more personalized and targeted to a specific shopper, allowing the brand to bring them back to purchase at pivotal stages of the buying process.

I think it was Rishika (strategy manager) who got on a call with us about two weeks ago and suggested improvements to our automations. And we did notice a significant increase [in our revenue]! That constant feedback on what we can do better, how we can customize our messages better really makes a difference to how we are able to communicate and also reflects in our purchases and sales.

Natasha Pradeep
Junior Marketing Manager, Wow Skin Science


Wow Skin Science has a large variety of products for different kinds of shoppers. With a channel like web push notifications, the brand is able to capture these store visitors and engage them at different stages of the purchase cycle through the campaigns they send and the automations that the brand has set up.

The skincare brand achieves a 103x ROI by enabling PushOwl, successfully driving more purchases through web push notifications.

Based on the investment we’ve made and the revenues we generate from this channel, I would say that PushOwl is a very cost-efficient platform and it's something that e-commerce stores shouldn't miss out on.

Fangfang Yu
Media Buying Associate, Wow Skin Science