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The value of segmented campaigns for Shopify stores

PushOwl’s segmentation and personalisation features are designed to help you send the perfect set of notifications that appeals directly to your subscriber’s interests and behaviour.

Success of segmented campaigns in numbers

Return on Investment
158 AUD
CTR for segmented campaigns
Increase in average order value(AOV) for segmented campaigns
Return on Investment
CTR for segmented campaigns
Increase in average order value(AOV) for segmented campaigns

Sell more with PushOwl’s smart segmentation

Purchase History

Send recommendations to your customers based on past purchases to build customer loyalty while driving repeat purchases from them.


Our geo-segmentation feature lets you target subscribers based on their location and keep your local subscribers in the loop about store events, sales, or any location-specific information.


Segment your audience based on the device they use and optimise your messages for mobile or desktop users to deliver the optimal user experience.


Create tags for different product categories and broader interests, so you can send notifications that align with your subscribers’ preferences.

Build personal connections with your visitors

Adding a personal touch to your push notifications can significantly increase their effectiveness. With PushOwl, you can craft notifications that include personalised content like the subscriber’s name, details of recently viewed products etc. and even send it their preferred language to create the most impact and a lasting brand impression.


Launch successful push notification campaigns in minutes.

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Reduce abandoned carts with cart reminder sequences.

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Automate sequence of notifications to keep converting on the go.

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Keep your store growing with PushOwl

Multilingual support

Make a strong impression with multilingual support in creating notifications

Cross platform delivery

Reach customers anywhere - on multiple browsers, devices, and platforms.

Seamless integrations

Add more customisation through integrations with other Shopify applications.

Automate your revenue growth with PushOwl

Join 35,000+ Shopify stores using PushOwl to convert their visitors into customers everyday.

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