Features that you'll love

Whether you’re a small boutique or a large business, we place no limits on the number of subscribers or the set of features we offer. Furthermore, we offer powerful features at a price point that works for anyone.

Customized Branding

Your brand on all notifications

Make your notifications special with your brand logo and colors, thereby maintaining better trust with the audience.

Cross-platform Support

Works across platforms and devices

Reach your audience anywhere and everywhere on multiple browsers, devices and platforms.

Boost Re-engagement

Better conversion than emails

Push notifications have 10x more chance of being seen and can get you 5x more conversions than e-mails.

Mobile Support

No app, no problem

Start reaching out to your audience with notifications on their phones without ever building a mobile app.

Revenue Reports

See direct impact on bottom line

Analyze how much revenue your notifications bring along with associated products and customers.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Don't lose revenue on abandoned carts

Remind customers at intervals with automated notifications to complete their purchase.

Shipping Alerts

Keep your customers updated with fulfillment

Update your customers with tracking details when the order is fulfilled with automated shipping push notifications.

Price Drop Alerts

Shout out if you drop prices

Sell more by informing customers about the recently dropped prices with automated notifications.

In Stock Updates

Tell customers about inventory updates

Let customers interested in a particular product know as soon as you bring it back in stock.

Social Media to Notification

Social media and notifications go together

Link your social accounts to send out immediate notifications to your customers about your new post.

Notification Scheduling

Not ready to press 'Send' yet? Schedule

Create notification and schedule it to be sent when it is most suitable for the customers and the business.

Personalized Messaging

Use cart details for better engagement

Our automated push notifications included the details of the cart with product images and titles.

One-click Install

Connect with store in two minutes

We offer quick integration with all the major e-commerce providers so you get more time to do stuff that matters.


Never spam with irrelevant notifications

Set a time limit on notification after which it becomes outdated and is no longer attempted to be delivered to the customer.

Notification Performance

Learn with each notification

Understand what kind of notifications work better with the help of performance report for each notification.

Click Maps

Understand the customer behavior

Study what links your customers like to click on your notification and modify your remarketing strategy accordingly.

Post-campaign Results

Get campaign performance with clicks and revenue

Apart from tracking impressions and clicks, our system also shows the attributed revenue for your notifications

Smart Delivery

Send notification at the best time

Use subscriber's browising .

User-centric Design

Beautiful, user-friendly widgets

Beautiful widgets not only keep your brand consistent, but also provide a better user experience for the customers.

Unlimited Subscribers

As many subscribers as you'd like

Be your business big or small, we put no cap on the number of subscribers you can have on your store.

Off-site Outreach

Reach out even if customers are not on store

Bring customers back on store with off-store remarketing notifications about the latest products and offers.

Multi-language Notifications

Speak the language customers speak

Send same notification in different languages and the customer receives the one with their language on it.

Image Notifications

Show off products right on notifications

Add a big image on the notification that display promotional banners, product images, etc.

Notification with buttons

Show call-to-actions on notifications

Increase conversion and convince customers to take actions right from your notifications.

Interactive Graphs

Take better decisions with data

Look at the same data from different angles by changing different parameters and form informed opinions.

RSS to Notification

No more need for manual notifications

As soon as changes are registered in the store RSS, customers are notified automatically.

Emoji Support

Emojis to express how you feel

Add fun to the messaging of your notifications with emojis. Make your audience smile a little more, we say.

Frequency Capping

Intelligently stops redundant notifications

PushOwl hates spam, especially repeating and irrelevant spams, so we do everything in our power to stop them.