Recover lost sales with PushOwl

Leverage the power of PushOwl's automated abandoned cart reminders and bring back your shoppers to complete their purchases with perfectly timed and personalised alerts.

Cart Recovery Wins: The PushOwl Success Stories

Return on Investment
CTR for abandoned cart reminders
Average order value(AOV) for abandoned cart reminders
Return on Investment
of orders placed from push campaigns were from first-time customers
Subscribers subscribers to push notifications

PushOwl’s tried-and-true strategy in building a community of loyal shoppers

Auto-trigger sequence of cart reminders

Send a sequence of up to three cart reminders, each one uniquely designed to create a sense of urgency and motivate shoppers to checkout.

Personalise every inch of the notification

Customise the reminder notifications with personalised copy and images of the products left behind in the cart to grab shoppers’ attention.

Leverage smart delays for maximum impact

Schedule reminders to be sent at spaced out intervals to keep the shoppers engaged with the abandoned products for a longer period of time.

Deliver thoughtful recommendations

Send recommendations to your customers based on past purchases, interests etc. to build customer loyalty while driving repeat purchases from them.

Create personalised discounts on the go

Personalise and automate alerts with enticing offers to invoke a sense of urgency about products that your customer might like based on their behaviour.

Perfect your recovery strategy with insights

Dive deep into detailed insights about recovered carts, generated revenue, the performance of abandoned cart reminders, and the carts that are still awaiting completion. With PushOwl, maintaining a pulse on your recovery process becomes effortless, enabling you to fine-tune your strategy with ease and precision.


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Smooth opt-in

Experience hassle-free engagement with PushOwl's smooth opt-in process

Cross platform delivery

Reach customers anywhere - on multiple browsers, devices, and platforms.

Seamless integrations

Add more customisation through integrations with other Shopify applications.

Automate your revenue growth with PushOwl

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