Why PushOwl

Browsers to buyers:
Every Shopify store needs PushOwl notifications

Web push notification can be the #1 channel for Shopify stores to start engaging with their visitors and subsequently converting them into loyal customers. With PushOwl, you can set up push notification campaigns in minutes and start seeing conversions from day one.

Under the hood:
How does push notification work?


Shoppers opt-in to receive push notifications.


Create segmented audiences for your notifications.


Craft your notifications with a compelling message.


Shoppers receive notifications instantly on their devices.


Interested shoppers navigate directly to your store from the notification.

Push notifications’ success in numbers

In 2022, PushOwl made big waves

Push notifications dispatched


Push notifications delivered


Attributed revenue from PushOwl

A lot of people do find text messages quite invasive but with web push, it isn’t invasive and instead friendlier compared to text. It definitely is bringing in great results.
Sarah Irvine

eCommerce Manager, Ishka

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Deliver impactful experiences
to your customers

Smooth opt-in

Experience hassle-free engagement with PushOwl's smooth opt-in process

Multilingual support

Make a strong impression with multilingual support in creating notifications

Cross platform delivery

Reach customers anywhere - on multiple browsers, devices, and platforms.

Seamless integrations

Add more customisation through integrations with other Shopify applications.

Top-notch customer support

Get instant support every step of the way with PushOwl.

Automate your revenue growth with the No.1 push notification app

Join 35,000+ Shopify stores using PushOwl to convert their visitors into customers everyday.

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