Announcing PushOwl’s Partner Program: Empowering Shopify Agencies and Enabling Web Push Growth

Over the last 4 years, we’ve spent a lot of time working with agencies, showing them how to leverage web push to grow and helping brands generate more revenue. We’ve seen just how effective these partnerships have been for us and for the agencies we work with as well. 

That’s why we’re making it official! We’ve launched our Partner Program, formalizing the process of how agencies can refer and earn by being a PushOwl partner.

Why We Believe in Partnerships

We’ve always been a partnership and collaboration first brand.

The Shopify ecosystem thrives thanks to the merchants, agencies, apps, and app developers that are a part of it. We look at partnerships as creating value for our partners and having mutual growth. Only through collaborations, we can see exponential growth. 

Introducing Our Partner Program!

The PushOwl Partner Program has 3 tiers— bronze, silver, and gold— where partners can earn a commission rate of up to 25%. 

Besides the payout, partners have access to free and extended trial periods of PushOwl’s paid plans, allowing them to prove the effectiveness and ROI of the channel before investing in it. We also maintain frequent communication with each of our partners to help each other out in any way possible.

If you’d like to partner with PushOwl, fill out this form and I’ll get in touch with you. Looking for an agency for your brand? Reach out to me via email. 

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About the Author

Sachi Dalmia
Partnership Manager

Sachi Dalmia is the Partnerships Manager at PushOwl. When she isn't collaborating with partners, she spends her time travelling, reading, and exploring beaches.

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