Crafting Irresistible BFCM Deals: A Guide for Shopify Sellers

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November 24, 2023
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Every year, we find ourselves anticipating those amazing deals and discounts that businesses, whether big or small, have in their bag of tricks. For small business owners, BFCM can be a true game-changer—an opportunity to boost revenue, attract new customers, and give your brand a powerful visibility boost. To give you an idea of the holiday's impact, consider this: during Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, a staggering 189.6 million shoppers made their way to both physical stores and online retail websites.  As we approach Black Friday 2023, it's time to dive into crafting irresistible deals. 

Why Shoppers Love Discounts Beyond Saving

Customers are always on the lookout for a good deal.  There's something undeniably satisfying about finding a fantastic bargain during your shopping adventures. Discounts don't just save customers money; they make them feel like smart and confident shoppers. When they find a product at 50% off, it's like a little victory that validates their decision to make the purchase. So, it's not just about saving money; it's about feeling good about their choices too.

Strategies to Increase Sales During BFCM

1. Rescue Abandoned Carts

We understand that during peak seasons, advertising costs can add up. That's why it's crucial to get the most value out of your marketing efforts, especially when you're dealing with a bunch of abandoned shopping carts. Alongside your regular email campaigns, SMS messages, abandoned cart emails, and retargeting ads, we've got another trick up our sleeves: web push notifications.

Picture web push notifications as your friendly, attention-grabbing messages that can reach your subscribers, even when they're not currently browsing your website. They're short, sweet, and impossible to ignore. That's where PushOwl comes in as the go-to web push notification app for Shopify stores. It's your secret weapon to send exciting updates about your store or set up automated abandoned cart reminders that work like a charm in bringing back those shoppers who've left their carts behind. Take a look at the PushOwl BFCM template library

2.Early Access to BFCM Deals:

Offering Early Access to BFCM Deals it's a way of saying, "Thank you for your loyalty." This special privilege lets your customers dive into the best BFCM discounts before the big rush begins. You want them to feel excited and valued, like a VIP at an exclusive event. Apps like EasyLockdown provide merchants control over online store access, including products and content. Make it an option to provide your customers early access to Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM); you can implement EasyLockdown to create a restricted area for loyal customers or VIP members. This area can offer exclusive BFCM deals and discounts, providing an incentive for customers to gain early access and foster loyalty.

3. VIP Customer Discounts:

These special discounts are designed to make your valued customers feel truly cherished. By offering exclusive deals to those who have repeatedly chosen your brand, you're not only rewarding their loyalty but also building a lasting connection.  When VIP customers get access to unique discounts, it's a gesture that gets them coming back year after year, knowing they'll always have something special waiting for them.  Elevate your customer retention game with the Ako Loyalty Program, featuring VIP Tiers, Referral Benefits, and Review Rewards. Your customers can redeem points with a single click on the cart page, unlocking a range of rewards based on their VIP tier.

4. Free Shipping and Gifts with Purchases:

Enhance your BFCM shopping experience with two fantastic offers. 

"Free Shipping with Purchases" simplifies the shopping journey, eliminates shipping costs, and makes it more enjoyable. It's all about creating a wonderful experience with every order! When your customers shop and discover great products, you can add an extra touch. To sweeten the deal, set a minimum purchase to encourage customers to explore. 

And, to add a delightful touch, consider offering "Free Gifts with Purchases." It's like receiving a surprise from a friend, encouraging exploration and personalization based on purchase value. These thoughtful gestures foster loyalty and boost sale.

5.Buy More, Get More Discounts:

Motivate your customers to shop more with tiered discounts based on their purchases. The more they add to their carts, the larger the discounts they unlock. This not only provides them with better value but also increases your average order value, creating a win-win situation.

Provide that extra something they didn't even know they needed.  Suggest related or complementary products that can elevate their shopping experience. Whether it's recommending matching accessories or add-ons for their purchases, these personalized suggestions, driven by AI a

lgorithms, make the shopping journey intuitive and enjoyable. By enhancing value and convenience, you'll keep your customers satisfied and encourage them to shop even smarter.

6. FOMO (fear of missing out) BFCM Discounts:

Imagine creating a buzz with BFCM by offering time-limited, irresistible deals that shoppers can't resist. These flash discounts are the heartbeat of urgency and impulse buying. As the countdown timer ticks away, shoppers are propelled into action, not wanting to miss out on these fantastic BFCM offers. And to make it even more compelling, sending quick, FOMO push notifications is the secret sauce that keeps them glued to their screens. Incorporate a countdown timer on your product page to fuel BFCM FOMO, induce urgency, and motivate buyers. Whether for BFCM flash sales, promotions, pre-orders, product launches, or holiday sales, you have the flexibility to choose between scheduled, evergreen, or recurring timer types. Place these timers strategically on your product page, announcement bar, landing page, and cart page to create a sense of BFCM urgency, apps like Essential Countdown Timer Bar help you boost BFCM sales

BFCM deals aren’t just about discounts. As we gear up for Black Friday 2023, let's remember the incredible impact that strategic discounting can have on both your brand and your loyal customers. We've got some fantastic strategies to enhance their journey and supercharge your sales.

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From exclusive early access to free shipping and delightful surprise gifts, these tactics are a win-win for everyone. Plus, by creating a sense of urgency with FOMO deals, showing love to your VIP customers, and using AI recommendations, you can take your sales to new heights. Don't overlook the power of web push notifications, using PushOwl, for those who’ve left items in their carts.  Also the power of rewarding loyalty, using Akobub, to get them coming back year after year.

Remember, crafting irresistible BFCM deals isn't just about discounts; it's about making your customers feel valued and intelligent. Get ready for an exciting season of building lasting relationships and growing your business