Increase Loyalty and Retention: Boosting Flits Customer Credits with Web Push Notification

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July 17, 2023
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Increase Loyalty and Retention: Boosting Flits Customer Credits with Web Push Notification

As an eCommerce business competing with hundreds of other stores to grab a shopper’s attention, you need to be able to offer them something worth coming back for. That’s where stores like Sephora and Nordstrom use loyalty programs to let shoppers maximize on the purchases they make with them.

Now a loyalty program is a great retention strategy. But, if you’re looking for a more straightforward rewards program, you might want to consider a customer credits system.

What is Customer Credits?

Unlike a points-based system that most rewards apps set up, customer credits are much more straightforward. With credits, you can let customers know how much currency-based rewards they earned from their activity on your store.

Flits is a Shopify app that powers eCommerce loyalty by allowing store owners to set up customer credits for activity done by the shopper on the store.

So, for instance, if your customer has signed up for your rewards program and has purchased from you, they would receive ‘x’ amount of credits in their account. They can then be notified by email or web push notifications, based on the communication you have enabled on your Flits app.

But do customer credit programs attract more shoppers and purchases?

According to Fundera, they do!

Loyalty program members spend between 12-18% more per year than non-loyalty program members. This means that a well-planned rewards system can boost your revenue more than an acquisition strategy could and also improve your customer retention.

Learn more about how you can ace your loyalty strategy with these 6 tips.

Using Customer Credits with Web Push

With our latest integration, you can now use PushOwl with Flits to trigger push notifications based on customer activity that has earned the customer credits.

You can set up credit update notifications based on different triggers. A few of these are:

  • Order purchase credit
  • Birthday credits
  • Credits for referring new customers
  • Credits when referred customer shops from the store
  • Credits for reviewing products
  • Credits for subscribing

With web push notifications, you can directly keep your shopper in the loop about the credits they have earned.

Web push allows you to craft a crisp message and use buttons that lets customers go back to your store. Here’s how a web push notification about a credit update looks like:

Want a step-by-step understanding of how you can set up web push notifications with your customer credits program on Flits? Our helpdesk will answer all your questions!

Once you’ve set up this integration, you’ll obviously want to optimize your web push strategy to send updates about your customer credits that compels shoppers to interact with your store.

That’s why we’ve listed a few best practices to help you set up automated Flits web push notifications to boost your loyalty strategy.

Best Practices for Your Automated Flits Web Push Notifications

Setting up notifications to update customers about their credits? Here are 5 best practices to help you set up notifications that are click-worthy!

1. Write a short copy that gets to the point

With around 22 characters available for the title and around 40 characters for the message, your web push notifications need to be short and to the point.

Get to the point and give your shoppers information about their credits without exceeding copy length. Exceeding the character limit means that your notification will appear cut off for your notification receiver.

Learn more about the ideal length of web push notification on different devices and browsers.

2. Use variables to personalize the copy

Flits allow you to add variables that are dependent on the customer’s activities. Use these variables to show the total credits your customer has, the number of referrals they have brought, customer name, and other personalized parameters.

3. Pick a tone of voice for your push copy

The tone of voice you use in your marketing material reflects the personality of your brand. This is why you need to be careful about the tone you use in your web push notification copy.

Even when crafting your automated Flits notifications, it’s important you convey your personality in the copy. Whether you’re excited or straightforward or humourous, be sure to spend some time writing copy that is memorable

Learn more about the different tones of voice you can use in your web push notifications and examples of how they would sound.

4. Use action buttons to bring shoppers back to the store

Make the most of the 2 action buttons available to you.

You can link to the customer credits page to let your shopper check out their total credits or even link to the home page to bring them back to shop from you.

5. Add an image that fits the notification for both mobile and desktop subscribers

Since Flits allows only one image file to be uploaded on the dashboard for notifications, ensure that the image does not crop out on any text or product image for mobile users.

Upload an image either optimized to the mobile sizing or design the image in desktop dimensions but in such a way that it works for mobile users.

For instance, this is how your birthday credits notification would look like for desktop and phone subscribers:

flits customer credits

Ready to maximize your customer credits? Get started with this powerful automated integration and keep your customers updated.