PushOwl Integrates with Powerful Automation Solution Alloy to Create Web Push Workflows

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July 17, 2023
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PushOwl Integrates with Powerful Automation Solution Alloy to Create Web Push Workflows

Ecommerce automation is being rapidly adopted by merchants, helping them save time while putting crucial tasks on autopilot, from managing customers to flagging fraud to communicating better.

To give merchants this flexibility to communicate with their shoppers more efficiently, we’re excited to announce that PushOwl now integrates with Alloy, a powerful automation solution that lets you set up and run workflows. With this integration, you can send highly relevant notifications to your customers based on specific actions and activities they perform or based on updates on your Shopify store.

Learn how to set up a workflow on Alloy using PushOwl.

What’s Alloy?

Alloy offers automation capabilities that most Shopify stores typically don’t have access to. The Shopify automation app lets you set up workflows for different needs— automating marketing, customer service, shipping, fulfillment, tagging, and other manual, time-consuming tasks so you can focus on growing your store.

Co-Founders, Sara Du and Gregg Mojica launched Alloy on Product Hunt in 2019, quickly becoming the #1 product of the day all organically. This prompted them to apply to YC’s W20 batch. They’ve raised over $5M+ from top Silicon Valley investors and power Ecommerce automations for incredible brands like the Baltimore Ravens and Italic.

Alloy Automation is a no-code tool backed by top Silicon Valley investors that empowers Ecommerce stores to create automated workflows. We give stores access to enterprise grade automation power in an affordable, easy to use web platform.

Gregg Mojica, Co-Founder at Alloy

If you want to understand how Alloy works, read their guide to Shopify automation.

Effective Use Cases with the PushOwl x Alloy Integration

The integration between PushOwl and Alloy allows merchants to set up highly specific web push campaigns and automated notifications based on specific triggers like an action taken by a customer or an update on your Shopify store.

You can send web push notifications in two ways:

  1. Web push campaigns: Send a campaign to all your subscribers for actions that impact your customers like if a new product or collection is added.
  2. Notifications to specific customers: Send a specific notification to a customer based on a condition they meet, like earning more rewards or placing an order.  

The opportunities for the kind of web push notifications you send are endless with these flexible workflows. To get started, we’ve listed a few PushOwl-specific use cases for your Alloy workflows:

1. Loyalty

Enrich the customer experience by letting shoppers know when they climb a customer tier or earn more rewards. You can send a notification to your customer when their customer tag is updated or when they earn rewards through your loyalty program.

2. Different Shopify apps working together

Alloy gives you the opportunity to connect different apps like Yotpo and Recharge to provide a more holistic communication for your customers. So, for instance, you can set up an Alloy workflow that sends a web push notification to your shopper when their subscription is renewed.  

3. Sophisticated transactional notifications

While Shopify lets you send transnational messages via email and SMS, you cannot send web push notifications about order updates. You can easily inform your customers about their order updates by setting up this workflow on Alloy.

4. Sending campaigns for new products or collections

If you want to update shoppers every time you launch a new product or a new collection, you can easily set up an automated campaign to be sent every time

If you don’t have time to build a workflow from scratch, you can pick up pre-made workflows from the Alloy marketplace.

We love automations. In fact, PushOwl was built with the power of specific automations in mind. The Alloy integration is fantastic because it enables our merchants to connect PushOwl to virtually any trigger in Shopify or in another app.

Shashank Kumar, Founder at PushOwl

What’s next to come from Alloy

Alloy will continue to integrate with more apps and solutions to provide merchants with a larger list of possibilities and use cases to work with.

Building workflows is hard and requires some thought but Alloy makes it easier with their marketplace of use cases. This way, merchants can pick up a templatized workflow based on a specific need they have, customize it, and enable it for their own in seconds!

As an Ecommerce business owner, it’s important to save time and keep costs lean while maximizing productivity. This integration will help you send relevant and personalized messages to your customers without taking your time and manual effort to do so.


Alloy is a Shopify app that allows merchants to automate different parts of store management, from shipping, fulfillment, and customer service to personalization and marketing.

PushOwl is a Shopify web push notification app that lets you reach your customers instantly. Trusted by more than 1100 Shopify Plus stores for their push notification marketing, PushOwl works out of the box without requiring setup, helping you retain customers successfully.