PushOwl Integrates With Restockify and Restock, Enabling Back in Stock Alerts for Web Push

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July 17, 2023
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PushOwl Integrates With Restockify and ReStock, Enabling Back in Stock Alerts for Web Push

Look, there's no way you can avoid your products from going out of stock. You may have the best inventory planner but unpredictable factors are sure to crop up. What you can do, however, is make sure you don't miss out on shoppers interested in a product that is stocked out by setting up back-in-stock alerts.

With PushOwl’s latest integration with ReStock and Restockify, you can now set up back-in-stock workflows, allowing you to capture interested shoppers within your stocked out product page and send them alerts to the communication channel of their choice.

Learn more about the integration with ReStock and Restockify.

Why Are Back in Stock Alerts Important For Your Store?

When a product is out of stock, shoppers who land on the product page have limited options. They may plan to come back later or look for an alternative store to shop from. Those who do plan to come back later usually end up forgetting to return. For an online store, every purchase counts, and losing interested shoppers due to stockouts is a big loss. 

However, back-in-stock alerts give you the opportunity to capture these interested shoppers and remind them to come and purchase when the item is restocked. Giving shoppers this easy option also means that they would wait it out and subscribe to get the alert, rather than look for another store to buy the same item from.

About the apps

ReStock is a back-in-stock alerts app by Hengam that lets you set up highly customizable back-in-stock alerts. The app allows you to enable multiple communication channels and integrates with your favorite Shopify apps to simplify communication about restock updates. Get the app.

Restockify is a restock alerts app by Shopgram that lets you send email, SMS, and push notifications for back-in-stock products. The app fits right into your Shopify store theme and is known for its customer support. Get the app.

PushOwl is a web push marketing app built for e-commerce businesses, trusted by leading brands like Lange Hair and Culture Kings. PushOwl lets you turn one-time store visitors into subscribers, send highly visible web push notifications, and increase customer retention.