15 Inspiring Web Push Notifications Examples For Your Next Campaign

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Shruti Dugar
July 17, 2023
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15 Inspiring Web Push Notifications Examples For Your Next Campaign

When marketing to shoppers online, it’s crucial to personalize your messaging and stand out among the thousands of online brands. The primary challenge that you may be facing is figuring out how to craft your web push marketing campaigns to drive more sales.

But as a new marketing channel, how would you know if the web push campaigns you’ve created are optimized so that customers want to click?

Good news! We’ve listed 15 brilliant web push notifications examples that have seen high clicks and helped brands drive revenue with web push notifications.

You can try out the different use cases and see a live preview here.

But first, let's understand web push notifications a little better.

What Makes a Good Web Push Notification?

Before we look into web push notifications examples and the winning strategies they use, let’s understand the different elements that are a must-have in a push message.

  1. Catchy and crisp title: Convey your promotion in an enticing way with as few words as possible.
  2. A short message that sells the promotion: Use this part of the notification to sell your promotion further.
  3. The right link: Link to specific collections or even curate a collection for different needs to quicken your shopper’s journey.
  4. An attractive image: While only your Windows and Android users on a Chrome browser will be able to see the image, don’t miss out on this important element since a majority of push notification subscribers use Chrome to subscribe to a store’s notifications. Learn more about hero images in our helpdesk.
  5. More options with buttons: Make your notifications more actionable by adding a CTA in your button. Have more than one collection to direct your subscribers to? Add 2 buttons to give your subscribers more options.

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examples of good push notifications

Sent to a subscriber on Android using Chrome[/caption]

Further reading: A hands-on guide to writing the perfect web push notification.

Now let’s look at a few optimized web push notifications examples sent by some of the top brands and what makes them click-worthy.

15 Creative Web Push Notifications Examples You Can Take Inspiration From

1. Bonanza Satrangi - New Product Launch

Bonanza Satrangi is a legacy brand in Pakistan. Their customers’ love has made them Pakistan’s most favored lifestyle brands.

Their web push notifications reflect the qualities of their brand— elegant, direct, and chic.

Sent to a subscriber on Android Chrome

Why does it work? Bonanza Satrangi sends out campaigns promoting their new collections. They use the hero image to give a peek at the designs in the collection and mention the starting prices to increase the appeal and show how affordable they are.

2. Lowbrow Customs - Video Promotion

Lowbrow Customs supplies various parts for vintage and modern motorcycles.

Using PushOwl, the brand has seen a 385x ROI with web push. They employ diverse strategies and use an omnichannel marketing approach to effectively communicate with customers.

Sent to a subscriber on Windows 10 Chrome

Why does it work? Lowbrow Customs has a 209% higher AOV for orders via web push and it's obvious why. Their web push notifications are to the point and well-written.

They’ve kept their title and message as short as one line, conveying their message instantly and using the hero image to show the product. Lastly, they’ve used an inviting and authoritative CTA to ask viewers and potential customers to act now.

3. Vahdam Teas - Cart Reminder With a Discount

Vahdam Teas is a young DTC brand offering wellness teas and superfoods to more than 100 countries. For them, sending web push notifications has been one of their most effective marketing channels, providing them an easy touchpoint to reach their customers.

Sent to a subscriber on Windows 10 Chrome

Why does it work? Vahdam Teas has set up a sequence of three reminders to recover abandoned carts. Here’s how they’ve used each reminder brilliantly:

  • 1st Reminder: The brand has provided a discount to incentivize the shopper who abandoned their cart, along with a compliment within the title to drive more delight.
  • 2nd Reminder: They’ve used urgency words and capitalization to drive quicker action.
  • 3rd Reminder: In the final reminder, they’ve added an hourly reminder and a higher discount to get more conversions.  

4. Bokksu - Cart Reminder

Bokksu is an F&B brand that offers authentic Japanese snack and candy subscription boxes. They are able to use web push to communicate and engage with customers who may not have opted into email or SMS.

Sent to a subscriber on Windows 10 Chrome

Why does it work? The brand's bright and visually-appealing product images are a perfect fit, capturing the attention of the subscriber immediately. Each reminder is smartly written:

  • Reminder 1: The brand uses words like ‘delicious’ to build more appeal for their products.
  • Reminder 2: They use words like "teleport", reminding you to experience Japan and taste its delightful platter.

5. HYPE - Product Restocked & Stock Clearance

Though it started as a design and printing brand on clothes and accessories, HYPE has now evolved to be recognized as one of the UK’s most memorable lifestyle brands.

Sent to a subscriber on Windows 10 Chrome

Why does it work? HYPE has used multiple smart tactics to drive more clicks:

  • They build exclusivity and urgency with words like 'limited edition'
  • The phrase ‘Mystery selection of products’ builds curiosity
  • HYPE has also used an emoji to convey its tone better.

6. Headphone Zone - Product Promotion

Headphone Zone is a premium audio accessories brand that generated a 126X ROI using PushOwl. Recognized as a trusted source for audiophiles, their campaigns make customers feel like they are directly communicating with the brand, rather than just being marketed to.

Sent to a subscriber on Android Chrome

Why does it work? The copy is quirky and the brand uses puns to differentiate itself. They've also included the discount that the product is on, showing what a great deal it is for subscribers.

7. Protein Package - New Product Launch & Promotion

Protein Package is a protein snack brand from the UK. They educate customers on protein and fitness while selling protein bars and snacks at affordable prices. Using PushOwl, they have been able to drive a 19x ROI on their spending.

Sent to a subscriber on Windows 10 Chrome

Why does it work? Creating such web push notifications is the best way to inform customers of their new launches. They've brought out their personality with their notification:

  • It builds brand authority by naming a YouTube celebrity.
  • The copy uses words like "gourmet" to point out the product’s quality/benefits.
  • They use a bright product image to seal the deal.

8. 1Up Nutrition - Blog Share

1Up Nutrition advocates a healthy lifestyle and has evolved to be a premium sports nutrition brand in the US since they began selling in 2013.

Sent to a subscriber on Windows 10 Chrome

Why does it work? The best way to raise awareness about your brand is undoubtedly to establish authority. Through the notification, 1Up Nutrition shares a blog they have about building muscle, giving their subscribers valuable information.

The first button takes subscribers to the blog while the second button promotes a combo offer they have on their store.

9. Planet54 - Product Promotion

Planet54 is a South African eCommerce store that promotes fashion, accessories, and local designers. Being an eCommerce store, they leverage multiple channels to market, but web push notifications are undoubtedly their best marketing bet.

Sent to a subscriber on Windows 10 Chrome

Why does it work? Planet54 makes good use of emojis to convey the tone in their web push notifications. They design bright and pleasing posters for their hero image to support their conversational and peppy message.

10. Planet of the Vapes: New Product Launch Discount

With over 10+ years of experience, Planet of the Vapes is one of the leading brands for vapes and vape accessories.

examples of good push notifications

Sent to a subscriber on Windows 10 Chrome

Why does it work? The brand has kept its new product launch simple. They’ve mentioned the product name, shown how it looks with the hero image, and provided an exclusive offer for interested subscribers.

11. Ikonick - Black Friday Promotion

Ikonick sells canvas art prints that decorate your home, office, and gyms. Each design is culturally-inspired, motivational, and uplifting.

Sent to a subscriber on Windows 10 Chrome

Why does it work? They are a few reasons why this web push notification is optimized:

  • Ikonick used a very common tactic, BOGO, for their Black Friday pre-sale to reach their subscribers faster.
  • They've used emojis within the copy to catch shoppers' attention better and leveraged the buttons to take shoppers to the 2 different offers they have running.

12. Eat Well Nashville - New Product Launch

Eat Well Nashville is a very popular meal delivery service throughout Middle Tennessee, serving fresh and healthy meals. Their customers laud them for their quality, taste, vast menu, and convenience.

Sent to a subscriber on Mac Chrome

Why does it work? The brand shows exactly what they have in their menu, making it easy for subscribers to order right away. No friction!

13. NaturAll Club - Product Promotion Discount

Ranked as one of the most innovative hair products on Forbes’, NaturAll Club offers clean haircare and beauty products.

Sent to a subscriber on Android Chrome

Why does it work? The hero image gives their shoppers a look at the before and after transformations, addressing the pain points of how and why this product works.

Payment is always a difficult part of the shopping experience and by adding "Shop now & Pay later!" within the copy, subscribers are more likely to click through and get the product without hesitation.  

14. Tropeaka - Product Promotion

Tropeaka is one of Australia's fastest-growing and largest health food companies, selling healthy snacks, particularly their famous protein powder.

Sent to a subscriber on Windows 10 Chrome

Why does it work? The copy takes the credit here. It shows what type of brand they are— casual and conversational. Besides just promoting their product, the brand also suggests a recipe that subscribers can try using the product from their store.

15. Mavi Jeans: Sale Campaign

Mavi Jeans is an international apparel brand, becoming synonymous with superior quality, fabric innovations and the perfect fit.

examples of good push notifications

Sent to a subscriber on Windows 10 Chrome

Why does it work? Mavi sends out a 'Last Chance' reminder, a timely campaign sent for subscribers who may have forgotten to buy or had put it off for later. The brand uses two different buttons to make it easier for subscribers to click through to the segment they identify with or want to shop from.

Inspired by these web push notifications examples?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to web push notifications. What might work for one store, may not work for another. So, while you can take inspiration from other stores, we recommend using your insights from past campaigns and shopper data to craft campaigns that actually convert.

While not all of the web push notification best practices are applicable for every store, see what strategy fits best for your store and pick them up accordingly. More importantly, don’t forget to experiment with your campaigns every time!