We’ve Been Acquired! 🎉 Building the Future of Ecommerce with Brevo

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August 4, 2023
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We’ve Been Acquired! 🎉 Building the Future of Ecommerce with Brevo (formerly SendinBlue)

Published: September 23, 2021

In the last 4 years, we built a product. And we’d like to say that it’s been a successful journey so far, with our app being used by some remarkable brands.

There was no magic potion or an overnight breakthrough. What we had was a small, passionate, and dedicated team of 17 misfits that were driven to deliver only the best. With this team, we’ve been able to help 25K+ ecommerce brands across the world earn more revenue using web push notifications.

Today, we’re proud to announce that PushOwl has joined Brevo, Europe’s top digital marketing platform. We’re excited about what this means for our team’s growth, our customers, and the future of ecommerce.  

The journey so far

It took months of all-nighters, self-learning, and trial-and-error to get to where we are now. It started with a solo developer indie hacking the first version of the app. A year into building the app, we launched on Shopify and found our footing. Now, we’re a team of 17, building a product that truly helps brands sell more.

A quick shoutout to Shopify and the supportive community that they’ve built that has helped millions of people turn their ideas into thriving businesses! 🎉

As we’ve grown, the priority has always been people, product, and then profit. While this wasn't consciously written down, having a small team meant that we could make our own rules for how we work, collaborate, and build our product, as long as we made an impact.

So, we created our own systems and processes, approaching problems in our non-traditional sense, and experimenting to find solutions. One cardinal rule was our unlimited leave policy as we wanted the team to prioritize their health and personal life. (In fact, we’ve had to disable Slack for several people in the team and force them to take time off.)

But, there are always challenges.

The last 4 years of self-learning and hacking our way to profitability has been crazy, hitting milestones we never imagined we’d get to. We always want to move fast but being a bootstrapped company has its restrictions.

We can’t take as many risks as we’d like to. Ecommerce marketing is also evolving, with more brands making their communication omnichannel. Web push marketing in a silo just won’t be effective enough.

There was no doubt that our vision would have been hard, or at least slower to realize with these limitations.

So, a strategic partnership with Brevo just made sense.

Our team is self-taught, without the experience required to scale faster to where we want to be. Brevo works with 300K+ websites and is focused on building for the future of ecommerce, making them the right partner for our next chapter.

While our team remains autonomous, we’ll have access to more resources and expertise that Brevo has to offer, allowing us to take bigger risks. Not to mention, our small team will be able to scale faster while learning from a larger and more experienced team.

With PushOwl, Brevo will be able to add web push notifications within their suite of marketing features. As one of the highest-rated apps in the Shopify ecosystem, we’ll be able to bring our ecommerce expertise to the table and work with Brevo to build a product that customers really love.

As always, our customer support would remain the same, responding within seconds (as humanly as possible) and available to help you use the app, understand web push notifications, and even talk about the latest movie or match.

We’re excited for what lies ahead and to build a product that creates more value. To infinity and beyond! 🚀

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