Types of Web Push Notification Campaigns You Can Send

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July 17, 2023
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Types of Web Push Notification Campaigns You Can Send

Sending web push notifications is easy. A few enticing words on what your promotion is and you’re good to go!

But, like every other marketing channel, you need variety in the kind of promotions you send to your subscribers. If your subscribers keep receiving the same promotion every few days, they will stop engaging with you or worse, unsubscribe from your notifications altogether!

To help you add variety to the kind of promotions you send via web push, we’ve listed 12 types of web push campaigns you can send.

Pro-tip: Test out these different types of campaigns to understand which ones perform best with your subscribers. This way, you can send more of those promotions out and maximize your CTR and conversions.

1. Flash Sale

Sales are one of the most common types of promotions sent, whether it’s for a holiday or BFCM. With web push, your time-sensitive sales get immediate views since the notification is sent directly to your subscribers’ device screens.

Pro-tip: Use the Flash Sale feature to set an expiry time and stop sending the notification when the sale ends. This way, you can ensure that shoppers don’t receive the notification after the sale is over, ensuring a positive customer experience.

2. Product Launch

With web push, you can market your new product by sending out multiple campaigns, teasing the release of the new product, driving sign-ups before the launch, sharing features, and doing a big reveal on the day of launch.

3. Event or Holiday Promotion

If a holiday or event is around the corner like Christmas, Easter, or a national holiday, you can send a campaign out. Use this promotion to greet shoppers for the upcoming holiday, remind them to finish shopping to get their orders on time, and even share a special discount that customers can use to get their holiday shopping done.

4. Helpful Tips and Hacks

Many brands use web push notifications to add more value for their customers, sharing tips and best practices around their products and the industry in general.

For instance, skincare brands can share content around avoiding acne during summer and promote this blog via a web push campaign.

We recommend taking bite-sized tips from the content you’ve shared on your blog and turning them into a campaign. You can then use one of the buttons to take shoppers to your blog post to read more.

Budai Media worked with their client, an eCommerce pet brand to send web push campaigns about their blogs on pet care. They helped the pet brand generate $40K+ revenue in just 6 months.

5. Collection Promotion

Promote your collections and highlight why shoppers might want to stock up on products from this collection. You can also make these promotions interactive by asking shoppers which collection they would be more interested in browsing.

6. Product Promotion

You don’t need to have a new product out to send a promotion about your product. You can send a campaign highlighting one of your best-selling products or even one that hasn’t been selling as well.

When promoting a product, highlight what makes it worth a buy and why your shoppers would love to own it.

7. Limited Edition

If you sell limited edition products, you can drive more purchases for these products by sending promotions about them. Use copy like "one of a kind" and "exclusive" to entice subscribers.

8. Back in Stock

If a popular or best-selling product was just restocked, you can send out a campaign informing subscribers that it is back in stock. This way, you can highlight one of your best products and drive urgency about its popularity (and fast stockouts).

Pro-tip: Not every product that goes out of stock needs to be turned into a promotion. Instead, you can enable automated Back in Stock Alerts and let shoppers subscribe to stocked-out products. They will then receive automated notifications as soon as the product is restocked, ensuring that you don’t miss out on a purchase due to stockouts.

9. Buy More, Save More

Another sales tactic that many brands use is 'Buy More, Save More’. Such promotions can easily be sent as web push campaigns. However, we recommend that you don't overuse this tactic and only put it to use if you are having a clearance sale.

10. Video Share

If you share videos on YouTube, your native blog, or even on your Instagram, you can share them as a web push notification to drive more views and engage your subscriber base. Shoppers are more likely to engage with brands that share value-adding content than just sales-driven promotions.

Brands like Lowbrow Customs send out campaigns about new videos about the latest automobiles and customizations.

11. Testimonials

Send push notifications with quotes from your customers, and even add a customer photo as hero images, to increase your credibility and convince shoppers to buy. Such campaigns are best for brands that promise results like skincare, fitness, etc.

12. Personalized Campaigns (Enterprise feature)

You can make your campaigns even more effective by personalizing them to the subscribers you are promoting to. Advanced features like Segmentation let you target specific subscribers based on conditions like those who haven’t purchased yet, shoppers who bought once, etc. This way, you can convert non-buyers, cross-sell to past customers, target shoppers in specific locations, etc.

Read about Segmentation and the different use cases available.

Increase engagement and conversions with more variety in your promotions

We hope this list helps you make your web push campaigns more interesting, increasing your CTR and helping you identify which campaigns your subscribers are more inclined to click.