Building Your Subscriber Base With Web Push Notifications Ahead of Black Friday

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November 17, 2023
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Black Friday is almost here! One of the most crucial aspects of a good marketing strategy for your BFCM sale is having a sizable subscriber base in place. 

A large subscriber base makes it easier to draw more visitors to your store during the sale, increasing your conversions. What’s more, with more subscribers for your web push notifications, you can grab your subscribers’ attention faster and drive more clicks to your site.

In this blog, we'll help you understand why you need to leverage web push subscribers for Black Friday and how you can grow your list before the sale. 

Why web push is the most effective channel for Black Friday marketing 

Unlike other marketing channels, web push notifications are instant.

Since notifications are sent directly to your subscribers’ screens, it’s easier to catch their attention for time-sensitive promotions. 

Notifications are also quick to read, taking less than a minute for your audience to understand what you are promoting. ACR

Another reason web push notifications are a must-have for your Black Friday marketing is because of the instant click to your website. In an email, you need to scroll to find the CTA. With a web push notification, the entire promotion is the CTA, taking subscribers to your website with just one click!

Besides sending promotions, you can also set up automated notifications based on shopper behavior. One of the most effective automations is abandoned cart reminders which engage shoppers who have left items behind in their cart. 

Brands like Lowbrow Customs have seen a 385x ROI with PushOwl by enabling abandoned cart reminders.

But, before you can start sending web push notifications and converting your audience through these quick messages, you need to build a subscriber list. Here are a few tips to help you turn your visitors into subscribers quickly.

How to build your web push subscriber base 

1. Make your opt-in message compelling

Before showing visitors the prompt to get them to subscribe, you need to give context as to why it's worth subscribing. Use the opt-in message to build excitement and convince visitors to subscribe to your notifications.

Here are a few ideas for the kind of message that you can show visitors to turn them into subscribers:

  • Build urgency: Tell visitors why they need to subscribe “now”, using urgency phrases like “Don’t miss out!” in your message.
  • Show credibility with social proof: Phrases like “Join our community of beauty lovers by subscribing” to show your credibility and how others look forward to your notifications.
  • Outline benefits: What do visitors get by subscribing? Use the opt-in message to highlight the benefits of subscribing, like being the first to know about new stock or surprise discounts.
  • Provide an exclusive discount for visitors who subscribe: Many brands give new subscribers an additional 10% off or free shipping for subscribing to their web push notifications. This strategy ensures more website visitors convert into subscribers.

2. Tailor your message to the season 

Since it’s BFCM season, you can also talk about how opting in would help your visitors during the biggest sale of the year. 

You could open the sale to subscribers a few hours before officially launching it, teasing this special offer within the opt-in message.

3. Have a loyalty program in place? Provide loyalty points for subscribing

For stores with a loyalty program in place, incentivizing visitors to subscribe is easier! Set up a logic within your loyalty app to give points to visitors who subscribe to your notifications.  

Since your shoppers would already be invested in earning loyalty points, they’d be more likely to subscribe

4. Show the opt-in after a time delay so that visitors can get familiar with your brand  

Never ask a new visitor to subscribe to your notifications the minute they land on your homepage. 

Instead, show the opt-in to visitors 5 to 10 seconds after they land. This gives them enough time to scroll, learn more about your brand and your products, and start considering items to buy.

Not bombarding them with an opt-in just when they land also makes their experience with your brand more enjoyable.

5. High stockouts? Enable back-in-stock notifications

If you commonly have products going out of stock, allowing shoppers to subscribe to restock updates is a good way to achieve 2 goals:

1. Bring back interested shoppers and drive purchases when products are back in stock

2. Increase subscribers for your web push notifications

Usually, interested visitors who land on a stocked-out product would drop off. But, with the ability to subscribe to get notified about restocks, you can ensure that visitors come back when the item is available again.

6. If you sell high-ticket products, enable price drop notifications

Shoppers who are buying high-ticket products are always in search of a good deal. So, if you have price drop alerts in place, these shoppers would be likely to subscribe, just to be informed about price drops.

This way, you can gain a subscriber through an alert that is beneficial to the shopper. What’s more, when your Black Friday sale is live and your prices drop, the subscriber will automatically notified about the product they are interested in, bringing them back to your store and checkout.

Read more about how you can set up price drop alerts on PushOwl.

Grow your subscriber base before BFCM!

Don’t have an automation and segmentation strategy in place for Black Friday? We’ve shared the strategy and best practices used by leading brands in this blog.

We hope you have the tools to launch a successful BFCM sale! 

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